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How to thoroughly cure beriberi

How to thoroughly cure beriberi

Four seas network: xianggangjiao, also known as beriberi, is a very common disease, and it is a fungus, but also contagious. If a person does not care about beriberi, the whole family may be infected. There are many medicines for beriberi treatment in drugstores, but they only stop beriberi for a while, and they haven't been completely cured. Here are some tips for radical treatment of beriberi. Thank you!

80% of patients do not insist on medication

According to the latest survey data, 82.5% of the patients could stick to the external medicine twice a day, but they gave up after less than 14 days; 84% of the patients had more than two attacks per year on average; half of the patients affected sleep due to itchy feet, and 40% of the patients complicated with bacterial infection.

The main reason for the recurrence of tinea pedis is the long course and inconvenient application of external medicine. Because early discontinuation of the drug will prevent the fungus from being completely killed, which will lead to potential recurrence. In fact, the occurrence of peeling, blistering, itching and other symptoms, tinea pedis is only in the early stage. If not treated in time, the disease will continue to develop with the continuous reproduction of fungi, which can be transmitted to other parts of the body, causing tinea manus, tinea cruris, onychomycosis, secondary bacterial infection, lymphangitis, lymphadenitis, lymphadenitis, and even septicemia. Patients with tinea pedis must go to the dermatology department of the regular hospital for treatment, under the guidance of dermatologists, standardized treatment and rational medication.

Recommend several common medicines

Oral medicine: it is recommended to use terbinafine, such as lanmeishu oral tablet. Its unique feature is that it can directly kill fungi, but unlike many drugs on the market, it can only inhibit fungi. Its usage is 250 mg per day, the course of treatment is generally about 1-2 weeks, the specific time to follow the doctor's advice.

External drugs: acrylamine, azole or other kinds of antifungal agents or ointments can be selected, such as lanmeishu external ointments, dakinin, MEC, and Perrin. For patients with tinea pedis with initial or limited lesions, topical drugs can be used for local treatment, but sufficient treatment courses should be maintained. Otherwise, even if it is very small, it is easy to relapse.

Eight secret recipes for treating beriberi

1. If you have athlete's foot or athlete's foot, you can be cured by rubbing it with raw garlic continuously.

2. Use vinegar to transfer the cream into paste and apply it to the affected area. It can be used with matching, once for light and twice to three times for heavy.

3. Wash feet with eggplant root and salt boiled water to cure beriberi.

4. In summer, if you have athlete's foot, you can clean and dry the affected foot, and then smear it on the affected area with air cream once or twice a day. Generally, it will be effective several times.

5. Remove the cigarette ash from the wet itch area of the toes to cure the blister itching between the toes.

6. Having been guilty of beriberi for many years, it can be applied with toothpaste and the effect is very effective.

7. Green tea contains tannic acid, which has bacteriostatic effect, especially for the treatment of xianggangjiao.

8. Take 1000 grams of Maifanshi and soak it in 2000 grams of boiling water, and use this water to clean feet, acne, eczema, prickly heat and other diseases every day, which has a significant effect.