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What do you mean, where does it come from

What do you mean, where does it come from Nowadays, the Internet vocabulary is very popular. All kinds of high-energy netizens can get high-powered words if they don't agree with each other. One of them is "Shousha". Do you know what "Shousha" means? Where does it come from? Let's have a look!

To praise and brag excessively to achieve the purpose of being empty of heart or arousing the dislike of others.

Detailed explanation:

1. This allusion comes from the book of Customs: "long officials and horses are fat. The viewers are quick. The riders are happy with their words. They drive away and die. In the May 4th movement, Mr. Cai Yuanpei quoted this allusion in his resignation Revelation on May 9. The original words: "I am tired, I am & lsquo; the one who kills the king and the horse is & rsquo;." That is to say, the person who kills your horse is the one who applauds your horse nearby, and the one who praises is the one who harms it. That is to say, to win.

2. Win and kill refers to excessive praise or flattery, which makes people complacent, stagnant and even leads to degradation and failure. Modern Chinese dictionary, 5th Edition, P. 1033.

3. Mr. Lu Xun has an article "scold, kill and hold, kill" in "lace literature". The original text: now some people are dissatisfied with literary criticism, and the so-called criticism in recent years is nothing more than praise and scolding.

4. Praise and killing, a popular word on the Internet, means to praise and brag excessively, so as to achieve the purpose of being guilty of praise or causing other people's antipathy.

Scolding and killing:

In fact, the so-called praise and scold, but will praise and attack, for two ugly words. A hero is a hero, and a prostitute is a prostitute. Although it looks like praise and abuse on the surface, it just fits the pattern and can't blame critics. The fault of the critics is to scold and hold them in disorder. For example, a hero is a prostitute, and a prostitute is a hero.

As soon as we see that criticism loses its power because of chaos, and even when chaos is contrary to the facts, the effect is sometimes the opposite. So now there are fewer people who are scolded and killed, but more people who are praised and killed.

Yuan Zhonglang is the man who lived in ancient times and lived near. This group of writers in the late Ming Dynasty had their own value and status in the history of literature. Unfortunately, they were praised by a group of scholars, such as praise, punctuation, printing, color borrowing, sun and moon borrowing, candle borrowing, cyan and yellow borrowing, and their eyes were changeable. Sound borrowing, bell and drum borrowing, dead bamboo hole borrowing & hellip; & hellip; 'borrowing him to stay in a mess, just like in Zhonglang's face, painting Hualian, but pointing it out to everyone, tut said: "look, this is how & lsquo; spirituality & rsquo; ah!" for the essence of Zhonglang, naturally it doesn't matter, but before others wash the Hualian, this' Zhonglang' is always funny, touching its head.

I remember Tagore when people are near and things are old. When he came to China, he began to give a speech. He was given a piano and burned with incense. There were Lin Changmin on the left, Xu Zhimo on the right, each wearing an Indian hat. Poet Xu began to introduce: 'standard! Gibberish, white clouds and breeze, silver rock & hellip; & hellip; when!' said that he was like a living immortal, so our young people on the ground were disappointed and left. How can immortals and mortals not be separated from enlightened? But I saw his article on the Soviet Union this year, and I said to myself: 'I am an Indian under British rule. 'he knew it for himself. About the time he came to China, he would never be confused. If our poets and princes did not make him into a living immortal, the young people would not be so separated from him. Now it's the boss's bad luck.

To criticize or introduce an author with the signboard of a scholar or poet is very easy to confuse others at the beginning, but when others see the truth of the author, they only have their own insincerity or lack of knowledge. However, if there is no one else to point out the truth, the writer will be praised and killed from then on, and it will take many years to turn over.