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Four wonderful ways to clean lampblack machine simple cleaning method of lampblack machine

cleaning method of fume hood: cleaning of leaves

Do you have to clean the leaves with oil fume? Not necessarily. Although the fume purifier has a strong saponification and emulsification ability for the oil stains on the fuselage and fan leaves. After covering the table under the fume purifier with newspaper, spray the fume purifier on the fuselage and fan leaves. After a few minutes, open the fume purifier, use the centrifugal force of the fan to remove the fume purifier and the dissolved oil, and then wipe it with a wet paper towel. The cleaning of the fuselage and fan leaves is done at home. However, the oil After all, Yanjing is a kind of chemical product, which can stimulate skin and respiratory mucosa to a certain extent. We'd better use it less. Here are four kinds of fan oil removal methods that are free of oil fume

1. Detergent and vinegar immersion. Carefully remove the leaves, soak in a basin of hot water mixed with 2 ml detergent and 50 ml vinegar, soak for about 15 minutes, and then scrub with a clean cloth. The fuselage of the lampblack machine is also cleaned with this solution. It is necessary to keep the humidity of the solution at about 60 ℃ so as to achieve good decontamination. The self-made detergent has been proved to be non irritating to the skin of the hand and the mucous membrane of the eye, non corrosive to the lampblack machine, and the surface remains original luster after cleaning.

2. High pressure boiler steam washing method. Put a half pot of cold water in the high-pressure boiler and boil it. When there is steam continuously discharged, take the lower limit pressure valve, open the range hood to align the steam water column with the rotating leaves. As the high hot water steam continuously flushes the leaves, the oil and sewage will flow into the waste oil tank along the drain tank.

3. After the cleaned fan leaves are dried, apply a layer of office glue. After several months of use, tear off the oil stains on the fan leaves. The oil stains are all on the glue layer, which is convenient and clean.

4. Lay newspapers on the hearth first, turn on the switch of the range hood and 'preheat' the fan leaves for two minutes, spray detergent on the fan of the range hood, turn off the range hood, leave it for three minutes, spray 60 ℃ hot water into the fan of the range hood, turn on the switch, and let the dissolved oil drop into the oil storage box.

Cleaning method of lampblack machine: cleaning of oil storage box

Stick a layer of fresh-keeping film on the inside of the box. Some of the fresh-keeping film shall be beyond the outside of the oil storage box, completely cover the inner surface of the original box, so that the lampblack can be absorbed on the fresh-keeping film, and the replacement can be done every once in a while. Or you can use the plastic pudding cup or paper cup instead of the original oil storage box. As long as you change it regularly, you can save the trouble of cleaning and not easy to clean.

Cleaning method of lampblack machine: cleaning of oil net

The oil screen of the protective fan blade can be slowly removed with a screwdriver, sprayed with "oil fume clean" and put into a plastic bag, and then taken out after standing for 15 minutes. After pouring 80 ℃ hot water into the basin, clean it carefully with a rag. If the oil scale on the oil net is very thick, you can also use a thin bamboo blade to gently scrape off part of the oil scale before cleaning.

Knowledge expansion

It is more important to clean the range hood than to control it. Just as health problems are always more important than prevention, the best way to clean the range hood is to prevent it. Before starting the new range hood, sprinkle a thin layer of soap powder in two oil tanks, and then inject about one third of the water, so that the recovered oil will float on the water surface, rather than coagulate on the wall of the box. When the waste oil is full, pour it out, and then process it as usual.

How to prevent the oil of the fuselage of the range hood? Before use, we can use a slightly wet rag to dip into the dishwasher detergent (do not mix water -) to wipe the fuselage, and wipe the fan blades as much as possible. After natural drying, the 'detergent coating' to prevent the oil smoke from adhering is ready. After a while, if the fuselage feels sticky, it's time to clean it. Since the "protective coating" has been applied between the oil stain and the fuselage, the oil stain will be washed down first when the fuselage is washed directly with 80 ℃ hot water. After the cleaning work, don't forget to apply the detergent on the body again. It should be slightly thick, and the humidity should be controlled at \ 'no drop hanging \', and then cover the fresh-keeping film on the opening key.

The lampblack machine is the place with the heaviest lampblack in the kitchen. Ordinary simple maintenance can save the trouble of year-end cleaning. After cooking every time, let the range hood continue to operate for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and draw out the water vapor and unburned carbon monoxide left in the air, so as to reduce the chance of the housewife getting lung cancer.

Take advantage of the residual heat on the range hood, wipe the surface slightly with a rag, then you can easily wipe off the oil stains on the range hood, and keep it clean and not greasy.