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Are left-handed people smarter than normal? Is there a scientific basis for left-handed people to be

Are left-handed people smarter than normal? Is there a scientific basis for left-handed people to be more creative? do you often hear that left-handed people are smarter? According to the Internet, left-handed people develop more creative right brain, so left-handed people are smarter than normal right-handed people. Is that true? Are left-handed people more creative and scientifically based? Let's take a look.

In fact, about 50 years ago, left-handed people were discriminated against because they were minority and even considered a disease. But modern scientific research shows that left-handed is not a disease, so does left-handed really mean a smarter brain?

The left-handed may not be smarter than the right-handed, but they must be more creative

Pierre bull Marshall, a historian and author of the new edition of the left-handed dictionary, has studied left-handed people. He found that left-handed people may not be completely smarter than right-handed people, but they do perform well in spatial cognition, which means that left-handed people are more creative and imaginative, which also explains why they are left-handed in art, architecture and medicine Son accounts for a large proportion and advantages.

Parents are all right-handed, and children may still be left-handed

Left handers are genetically related, but not determined by their genes. If both parents are right-handed, can't the child born be left-handed. In fact, being left-handed may have something to do with the baby's position in the mother's stomach. Pierre said that left-handed parents have a 50% chance of having a left-handed child, but right-handed parents also have a 5% chance of having a left-handed child.

Left handers are more creative, but may not use scissors well

In the eyes of ordinary people, left-handed people seem to have two left hands and no right hand, which will cause them to be hindered in certain behaviors. This is not the case. People often see left-handed people act clumsily when using some items, such as scissors. This is because most of the items are designed for right-handed people, and it is natural that left-handed people are not used to them.

Do you have any left-handed partners around? Let's look at these little partners to see if they also have the above three characteristics.