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Can I eat the fried chestnut when it's cold

Can you eat the fried chestnut when it's cold autumn is coming, and the streets are full of the aroma of fried chestnuts with sugar. Fried chestnuts with sugar are very popular with the majority of food. Many times, a package of chestnuts can't be eaten, and it's cold to eat them later. Can you eat the cold chestnuts? How can fried chestnuts with sugar be heated? Let's have a look!

Sugar fried chestnut cold can you eat it?

It's better not to eat cold chestnuts Chestnut should be heated when it is cold. Otherwise, some starch in chestnut will regenerate. The regenerated starch can easily pass through the small intestine and become the food of coliform bacteria, causing gas production and abdominal distention, giving the impression that chestnut is difficult to digest and easy to distend.

What to do when the chestnut is cold: how to heat it

1. Microwave heating method

Stir fried chestnuts with sugar can be reheated when they are cold. The best way to heat them is to use microwave oven, and then eat them just like the chestnuts you just bought.

Method: put the cold sugar fried chestnuts into the glassware, and then put them into the microwave oven and heat them for 1-2 minutes. Of course, if you need to heat more, you need to heat it a little longer. Generally, you need to heat it first at high temperature and then transfer it to medium temperature. In this way, the taste of fried chestnut with sugar after heating is not far from the original taste.

2. Stir fry and heat

The fried chestnuts sold in the market are fried together with small stones. However, for ordinary families, it's not realistic to specially fry some stones together with chestnuts. At this time, we need a frying pan with a thick bottom. Put a layer of oil on the bottom of the pan and fry for a few minutes on a low heat. It's not bad to fry. When frying in a wok, be sure to use a small fire, and smear oil on the bottom of the wok to prevent the chestnut from being fried.

3. Boiling and heating

If it's too troublesome, you can boil the water first, then pour in the cold chestnut, and boil it for two minutes. It's just that the taste may be almost like this.


Sugar stir fried chestnuts have been processed through opening, so it is generally not recommended to heat them in the way of boiling or in the way of stir frying when they are cold. The best way is to heat them in high temperature such as oven.

However, whether using oven, microwave oven or pressure cooker, do not put too much chestnut at one time, and the heating time should not be too long, and you should grasp the time reasonably.

How to deal with the sugar stir fried chestnut when it's too hot? The packing bag can't be sealed. After sealing, it's easy to cause the chestnut to peel. Wait until the chestnuts are cool before they are sealed. The chestnuts that have not been eaten can be put into the fresh-keeping box or sealed bag for cold storage. If they need to be stored for a long time, they need to be frozen. When you want to eat chestnuts, take out the refrigerated or frozen chestnuts and put them into the microwave oven for 15-20 seconds.