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Is buried line double fold eyelid effect good? How long can the blindfold last

People love beauty. Many girls will choose surgery to make themselves beautiful in order to pursue their own beauty. In the current beauty micro project, making double eyelids is one of the more common. So how about the effect of buried line double eyelid?

For the double eyelids, many people hope that it can be done at one time. Because of the advantages of less trauma, less scar, faster recovery and so on, the buried line double eyelid is chosen by everyone. From the perspective of most users, the effect of buried line double eyelid is more natural and beautiful. So, how long can the blindfold remain?

Can double eyelids be removed

It's really difficult to have a specific statement for such a problem. Everyone's eyelids are not the same, so how long the corresponding buried eyelids can be maintained is not the same. Generally speaking, although the blindfold is not permanent, it can last for 3-5 years. However, there are a few people who have changed back to single eyelid one year later.

In addition, how long can the blindfold be kept? Some people can maintain it properly, even for 10 years. In a word, there are many factors that affect how long a person's blindfold can be maintained, such as the skill of the operator. Simply put, how long the blindfold will last varies from person to person. Therefore, if you want to keep the double eyelids longer, you can consult your doctor to see which way is more suitable for your situation, or choose a doctor with more on-site experience. The double eyelids made under various high-quality conditions should be able to keep longer.