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Where to go for the 2018 National Day parent child tour in Guangzhou

Where to go for the 2018 National Day parent child tour in Guangzhou

Sihai: where to play the National Day in 2018? Guangzhou National Day parent-child tour where to go? Here are some good places for parents and children to visit on National Day 2018 in Guangzhou for reference

Guangzhou Changlong tourist resort

Opening hours: 09:00-21:00

Located in the center of Guangzhou new city, Guangzhou Changlong tourist resort is the first comprehensive tourist resort under the Changlong group. Now it has many world-class theme parks and high-end resort hotels, such as Chimelong happy world, Chimelong water park, Chimelong International Circus, Xiangjiang wildlife world, Guangzhou Crocodile Park and Chimelong hotel. It integrates Tourism, leisure and culture, It is a super large theme scenic spot with the largest number and the highest specification of theme parks in China.

Guangzhou Changlong tourist resort has been rated as one of the first batch of national 5A scenic spots and national cultural industry demonstration base in China. It is known as the most popular one-stop tourist resort in China.

Guangzhou Changlong tourist resort receives more than 10 million tourists for five consecutive years, ranking among the top theme scenic spots in the world. The rapid growth of tourists entering the park every year has created a miracle of the world tourism industry.

Guangdong Science Center

Guangdong Science Center is located in Guangzhou University City (west end of Xiaoguwei Island, Panyu District), covering an area of 450000 square meters and a building area of 137500 square meters. The whole building is unique in shape and magnificent in momentum. It looks like a smart 'eye of scientific discovery' on the front and a 'fleet' on the side. It looks like a blooming 'kapok' from the top. It is a representative project of 'green building' in China and a landmark building in Guangzhou.

Zengcheng Baishui Village

Reasons for recommendation:

Zengcheng baishuizhai, known as "landscape card" of Guangdong Province, is the location of the largest waterfall in mainland China. It is only an hour's drive from the center of Guangzhou. It is very suitable for parents and children to travel. During the June 1 holiday, you can take your children to Baishui village in Zengcheng, get close to nature, and participate in interesting mountain climbing and treasure hunting activities, and win children's Day gifts through beneficial physical and mental sports. You can also enjoy the happy children's meal with green ingredients in the restaurant of the scenic area, which makes the parent-child time happy and satisfied.

Sun Yatsen Memorial Hall

Ticket price: 10 yuan for Guangzhou Zhongshan Memorial Hall and 5 yuan for half ticket

Zhongshan Memorial Hall in Guangzhou is a memorial building funded by Guangzhou people and overseas Chinese to commemorate the great revolutionary pioneer Dr. Sun Yat Sen. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall is located at the south foot of Yuexiu mountain in Guangzhou. Sun Yat Sen served as president of the Republic of China from 1921 to 1922. Because of his disagreement with Sun Yat Sen's political views, on June 16, 1922, Chen Jiongming made the "six bull; 16" mutiny which shocked China and foreign countries, and unfortunately the presidential palace was destroyed. After the death of Sun Yat sen in 1925, in order to commemorate the great revolutionary pioneer, the people of Guangzhou built the Zhongshan Memorial Hall on the former site of the presidential palace in 1931. Guangzhou Zhongshan Memorial Hall started construction in 1928, laid the foundation in 1929, and completed in 1931. It covers a total area of 62000 square meters. The height of the hall is 52 meters. The main building covers an area of 12000 square meters (including the platform around the hall). It is the largest hall style building in Asia at that time and the largest Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall in the world.

Chen family temple

Chen's Academy, commonly known as Chen ancestral hall, is located in Zhongshan No.7 Road, Guangzhou. Chen's Academy was built in 1888 and completed in 1894. It is a "hezu Temple" jointly donated by Chen Clan in Guangdong Province. Its establishment mainly provides temporary residence for the Chen Clan's children who participate in the donation to prepare for the imperial examination, be appointed, pay taxes, litigation and other affairs in the provincial capital. In return for the donation, these Chen clans can put their ancestral tablets in the shrine of Chen's Academy.

Chen's Academy is the largest, ornate and well preserved traditional Lingnan ancestral hall building in Guangdong. It covers an area of 15000 square meters, and the main building area is 6400 square meters. It is composed of 19 single buildings of different sizes. Each building is separated by Qingyun lane, connected by long corridors and interspersed with courtyards. The hall is elegant, the space is spacious, the corridor is beautiful, and the courtyard is elegant. Chen's Academy is known as the "Pearl of Lingnan architectural art". It is a collection of the great achievements of Guangdong folk architectural decoration art. It skillfully uses decorative arts such as wood carving, brick carving, stone carving, plaster sculpture, pottery sculpture, copper iron casting and color painting.

It has a wide range of subjects, vivid modeling, rich colors and exquisite skills. It is a splendid palace of folk decorative art. Mr. Guo Moruo once wrote a poem praising: "the day workers can be replaced, the artificial days are not as good. Sure enough, making the world is better than reading ten years. In 1959, the people's government established Chen's Academy as a Guangdong folk arts and Crafts Museum, collecting, researching and exhibiting folk arts and crafts of various dynasties in Guangdong Province as well as all over the country. In 1988, the State Council announced Chen's Academy as a national key cultural relics protection unit. At the end of the last century, Chen's Academy was selected as the "Eight Sights of Yangcheng in the new century" in the name of "ancient ancestral temple to stay in fangs". It was known as the "card of Guangzhou culture", and became the most cultural and artistic museum and famous tourist attraction in Lingnan area.

nansha wetland

With the opening of the second phase of Nansha Wetland to the outside world, this summer's visit to Nansha Wetland for parents and children has added a lot of attractions. Usually, July and August are the hottest months of the year, which is also a good time to enjoy lotus in the wetland. The 1000 mu lotus pond in Nansha Wetland, which grows at the junction of salty and fresh water, is also in full bloom. Nearly 100 varieties of lotus and lotus blossom brightly in summer, including Peony lotus, Jiangxi red lotus, five color water lily, fragrant water lily, etc.

In Nansha Wetland, there are many ways to appreciate lotus. For example, you can stroll on the Lotus Bridge in Jiuqu and watch the lotus flowers in the pool competing for beauty and opening. If you take a deep breath, you can smell the fragrance and make you feel relaxed. You can also enjoy the lotus by boat. You can not only enjoy the water lily in a short distance, but also shuttle through the lotus pool to have a close contact with the lotus.