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What kind of scenic spot is the broken glass plank road?

What's the matter with the broken glass plank road in the scenic spot? A small video has attracted many netizens' attention and forwarding. The glass on the glass plank road in the scenic spot is' broken ', which makes the tourists' legs soft. In fact, this is a high-tech means to create the illusion that the glass plank road is broken. However, for tourists with heart disease, it is estimated that they will be scared to pee!

Recently, a video of the broken glass of the glass plank road in the East Taihang scenic area was hot. In the picture, a man walked on the glass plank road, suddenly the glass under his feet broke one after another, and he was scared to fall to the ground. According to the media, this is the effect. The glass is not really cracked.

Where and detailed address of the broken glass plank road scenic spot

Glass plank road of East Taihang scenic spot in Handan, Hebei

This glass plank road is built on the top half of the towering dragon head cliff, the first peak at the easternmost end of the East Taihang scenic area, with a total length of 266 meters and a width of about 2 meters. It has a large viewing platform, with a very wide vision!

The glass trestle is made of 30mm thick tempered laminated glass and steel frame structure. It can bear 350kg per square meter. The trestle is 1180m above sea level and more than 350m from the ground.

When the heart beat plops on the glass plank road, looking down at his legs and stomach, he immediately shivers. Only when he is close to the wall can he feel his real existence.