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A good place to travel in 2018: the most cost-effective places

Are you all ready to travel for the National Day holiday? Many people choose to travel abroad, while others choose to travel in China. On the national day, many popular scenic spots in China are sure to be crowded with people. Moreover, friends who drive by themselves may encounter traffic jams. Many people also want to find some places with high cost performance to spend a good holiday. Where do you go to have a good performance price ratio on National Day? The following small series will introduce some domestic exquisite minority tourist destinations.

Where to play on National Day

EN he

Enhe is a relatively small tourist destination, and the geographical environment is very beautiful. You can experience the exotic customs here. It is the only Russian nationality township in China, belonging to the alpine region, belonging to Erguna city. It is a gathering place with Russian nationality and Chinese Russian descendants as the main body. The typical Russian wooden house 'woodcarving fern' is lived here. Most of them still have intact Russian culture and customs.

Nayun ancient town

Nayun ancient town is a relatively old Dai village, and now it has a history of more than 700 years. The buildings in the ancient town integrate the styles of Dai and Han nationalities. In the eyes of the Dai people in Southeast Asia, Nayun ancient town is a sacred place. In recent years, ethnic minorities from home and abroad, especially Dai guests from neighboring countries such as Myanmar and Thailand, have come to Nayun There are more and more ancient towns visiting and tracing their origins.

Shuangling Village

Shuangling village has a large area of tea garden. At a glance, it is refreshing and refreshing. In addition, Jiuqu Hongmei, the only black tea brand among the top ten famous teas in Zhejiang Province, is also abundant. Camphor trees grow occasionally in the tea garden. It is the new leaf growth and the flowering season of camphor trees. The fragrance of tea and camphor flower circulates in the wind. Looking for a bluestone under the tea garden tree to sit down, the eyes are bright green, time is blown away by the wind, as if static!

Chengzi ancient village

The villagers in Chengzi ancient village are very simple and friendly, and they get along very well. It is known as "the most beautiful village in Yunnan". Many photographers come here to take photos. They walk into Chengzi ancient village and circle along the stone paved road in the alley amid the crowing of chickens and dogs. In the beautiful countryside composed of ancient trees, old people and cooking smoke, you can enjoy the harmony between human and nature And the perfect state of coexistence of man and nature.


This place was developed relatively late, so the scenery is still relatively natural and the environment is very good. If you want to see the grassland scenery, you must not miss it. In jiangbulake grassland, you can mainly watch the beautiful natural scenery. There are grassland surrounded by snow mountains, beautiful wooden plank road viewing route, open fields, etc., which is a kind of pastoral landscape.

These are just a few of the exquisite domestic tourist destinations recommended above. They are very small places in China, and the scenery is very beautiful. I'm sure I won't crowd these places on national day.