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Which parts of hairy crabs can't be eaten? These parts of crabs are so dirty

As the saying goes: 'autumn wind, crab feet itch, September round navel October tip. 'autumn is a good time to eat crabs. Crabs are rich in nutrition, delicious taste and rich in nutritional value, which are popular with the general public. But the crab is delicious, there are some parts that can't be eaten. Do you know what parts are? Follow Xiaobian to learn about them!

The gills of hairy crabs can't be eaten

Like fish, crabs live in water, but they need to breathe fresh air all the time, so there is a relatively developed respiratory system in crabs, called crab gills, which enables crabs to breathe through small bubbles in water. It should be noted that the crab gill is the dirtiest part of the body and the main parasitic place of the parasite, which is inedible. After opening the crab shell, you can see two rows of gray soft tissue, which is the crab gill, which needs to be removed before eating.

The stomach part of hairy crab can't be eaten

Crabs are omnivorous animals, and their food sources are vast. In addition to small fish and shrimp, underwater plants, underwater rotten things, etc., they are all their food. Therefore, the crab stomach is also very dirty. Open the crab shell. There is a triangular black thing in the crab yellow area, which is the crab stomach, which needs to be removed when eating.

The heart part of hairy crab can't be eaten

The crab heart, commonly known as the hexagonal plate, grows in the middle of the crab's yellow and is connected with the crab's stomach. It is not very clean and cannot be eaten. It is also one of the main areas of parasitism. It needs to be thrown away when it is used.

The intestine part of hairy crab can't

Eating crab intestines is the pipe connecting the crab stomach and navel. There is the excreta of crab. There is a black thing at the place where the crab yellow and the crab meat are removed, which is usually not eaten. When the crab shell is removed, it will be directly taken out, but it will also be pulled off if it is suitable. As a result, the part of crab intestines is in the crab yellow area and needs to be removed when eating.