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How to grow the local golden watermelon?

Have you ever eaten the local golden watermelon? Near the Mid Autumn Festival, the watermelon on the market has been taken off the shelves, but in the melon shed of Li Xinchao, a Puyang farmer, his "local golden watermelon" will be on the market in a few days. What you may not expect is that Li Xinchao's "local gold watermelon" has been ordered before it was put on the market. Li Xinchao said that his "local gold watermelon" on the market can be sold up to 10 yuan per Jin.

Li Xinchao, once a laid-off worker, met several agricultural experts at a national agricultural exchange meeting. Slowly, he began to like farming and became a 'professional' farmer. Tuhao golden watermelon was introduced from a region in the south to the north. In order to adapt the watermelon to the environment in the north, he spent four years to find out how to grow the watermelon himself, and invested nearly 2 million yuan. To his delight, his watermelon finally succeeded.

I picked two relatively mature "golden watermelons" and introduced them to the author after cutting them. Different from the common yellow watermelon, this kind of watermelon will show a deeper golden yellow color after ripening, and its price is not cheap, so it can also be called "local golden watermelon". At present, this kind of melon in the picture hasn't reached the full mature stage, but its color is close to golden yellow now. When it is fully mature, its color will be more golden.

In addition to the different colors of the melons, Li Xinchao invited the author to taste them with him. The "local golden watermelon" is very crisp and sweet, with sufficient sugar. Moreover, after the melon is cut, it can also be used as a natural deodorant.

Although two days later, the "tyrant gold watermelon" will be completely mature, but now it is already very sweet. Li Xinzhao told the author that after finishing eating, he could also use the skin to smear on his face, which is a good moisturizing mask. What's more surprising for the author is that Li Xinchao told the author that the seeds of this kind of melon are currently sold on the market for one dollar, nearly 7 yuan.

Whenever talking about his experience of growing melons, Li Xinchao still has a fresh memory. Before planting melons, he was a city dweller without any experience in farming. After planting melons, he stayed in the fields every day. In order to make his melons pollution-free, he often went to the nearby farmers' houses to collect beans, straws and other fattening. If he didn't understand the agricultural knowledge, he would go to different experts of planting experts to consult and learn. In four years, he once threw tens of thousands of catties of melons because he insisted on not taking medicine because of insect pests. Finally, he planted the unique "local golden watermelon" in the north by persistence and efforts.

Maybe netizens would like to taste this kind of local golden watermelon after seeing the pictures, but Li Xinchao told the author that his 10 mu local golden watermelon had been ordered and could only wait for the next crop. Li Xinchao told the author that at present, his 10 mu "local golden watermelon" will produce three seasons a year, and will be listed in May 1, October 1 and Spring Festival respectively. Li Xinchao told the author that only relying on these ten acres of "local golden watermelon" can bring more than 600000 yuan of income.

He wants more people to eat this kind of sweet watermelon after it is planted successfully. This year, he gave it to a melon grower to help him grow 10 mu melons. But he is not sure about the growth of watermelon. He often runs tens of kilometers to see the growth of watermelon in the greenhouse and gives suggestions to farmers according to the growth of watermelon.