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Why eat moon cakes on Mid Autumn Festival? What is the origin of eating moon cakes on Mid Autumn Fes

It has been a tradition since ancient times to eat moon cakes on the Mid Autumn Festival. Many people must have heard the story of Chang'e this month when he was a child. Why do you eat moon cakes on the Mid Autumn Festival? What is the origin of eating moon cakes on the Mid Autumn Festival?

By the Ming Dynasty, the Mid Autumn Festival moon cakes were gradually spread among the people. At that time, the ingenious bakers often printed the myths and stories related to the moon, such as Chang'e running to the moon, on the moon cakes, making the moon cakes a popular mid autumn food.

What mid autumn festival to eat moon cakes?

Every year on the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, every family eats moon cakes. So why do they eat moon cakes? Experts have explained this recently. Moon cake, also known as Hu cake, palace cake, small cake, moon group, reunion cake and so on, is an ancient offering to worship the moon god in the Mid Autumn Festival. Along the way, it formed the custom of eating moon cake in the Mid Autumn Festival.

It is Chang'e running to the moon. With Chang'e, we can't help mentioning her husband Hou Yi and his shooting at the sun. Houyi, who was a bit of a brain drain, could shoot down the sun, but his wife could not see it. He was forced to the moon by the villains who despised him. Since then, he lived an inhumane life of separation and never meeting. Therefore, the moon cake became a lonely thing for Chang'e and his husband Hou Yi to miss each other, dream of reunion and express their feelings. Of course, white rabbits and osmanthus trees are also indispensable. People also have the habit of making moon cakes and eating moon cakes to miss them on the Mid Autumn Festival.

Second, Wu Gang won the laurel. Wu Gang is unlucky. He is unlucky. He is punished for making mistakes and doing no hard work. Every day, he cuts more trees, but the more he cuts, the stronger he is. If he cuts here, he will be healed there. Where did he know that the so-called five hundred foot high osmanthus tree was originally used to punish him, how could it be cut off easily by him. Small people and big people can't fight. It's the same in heaven.

Third, the origin of eating moon cakes is a little historical. It is said that in the Yuan Dynasty, the Mongols ruled the Han people. They were cruel and cruel, and the people could not survive. Where there is oppression, there is resistance, so there is the red scarf army, there is Zhu Yuanzhang, the leader of the beggars' sect, who is the son of beggars' beggars' beggars, there is the peasant uprising led by Zhu. The day of victory happened to be August 15, and the instrument used to deliver the letter was the small round cake with the sink. And the order of the uprising was hidden in the pit. Since then, there has been a day from the court to commemorate the victory, and a special commemorative food - Mid Autumn Festival and mid autumn moon cakes.

Fourth, it is said to be the most widely spread and reliable. Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, attacked the Turks in the North several times and finally won the victory on August 15. The soldiers who had been fighting for several years had to be reunited with their families and hometown. In celebration of the whole country, there was a Tibetan businessman who was trading with the Tang Dynasty and paid tribute to a kind of sunken dough. Its decoration is gorgeous and taste is sweet. Emperor Taizong is very happy after eating. He points to the bright moon hanging in the sky and preaches: 'Hu cake should be invited to Toad (Moon). So, there will be a festival to eat moon cakes and celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival.