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Can I eat crabs while sitting on the moon? Does sitting on the moon eat baby crabs to have diarrhea?

For the expectant mothers who are still sitting on the moon, they should pay more attention to their diet. Can they eat crabs during sitting on the moon? Although crabs contain a variety of nutrients with high nutritional value, they are cold food and are not suitable for postnatal mothers.

Does sitting on the moon eat crabs to return to milk? Crabs are cold. They have the effect of clearing away heat, removing blood stasis, eliminating swelling and detoxification. They don't have the effect of returning to milk. Therefore, eating crabs when sitting on the moon won't return to milk. And crab protein content is rich, and even can provide nutrition for maternal lactation.

What's the effect of sitting on the moon and eating crabs

Impact on maternity

1. The crab feet have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. If the puerpera is normal after childbirth and there is no uterus residue, eating crab during the month may cause the increase of lochia, which is not conducive to recovery.

2. If the parturient has placenta residue after giving birth, she can eat crabs appropriately under the guidance of the doctor during the term of confinement, especially the crabs' feet, which can cause severe contraction of the uterus and help the residual placenta to be discharged.

Impact on baby

1. Crabs are cold and contain a variety of proteins and purine bases. If the baby is breast fed during the term of the month, the mother's eating crabs may cause the baby's allergy and diarrhea.

2. If the baby is not breast fed during the month, the mothers will not affect the baby if they eat a small amount of crabs.

What should I do if I eat crabs while sitting in the moon? In the absence of placenta residue, if the mother eats crabs during the month, it may lead to the increase of lochia, so it's better to stop eating crabs. After that, the diet should be light, nutritious, have a good rest, and observe whether lochia will gradually return to normal.

If there is breast-feeding baby, it's better to stop breast-feeding after eating crabs during the month and use infant milk powder to feed the baby. After 24 hours, the crabs eaten by the mother digest and excrete, and then feed the baby, which will not affect the baby.