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What are the signs of man's infidelity? How to prevent man's infidelity

What are the signs of man's infidelity? How to prevent man's infidelity many girls complain that life is not easy. It's not easy to learn how to cook with their children at work and how to prevent their girlfriends from fighting with their juniors. With the increasing exposure of celebrity infidelity in recent years, women are more worried about their other half. So what are the behaviors of men having an affair, and how to judge whether a man is cheating?

Men have five ways of cheating

Sudden increase of overtime or no home at night

Most men cheat in order to seek stimulation. They don't want to destroy the marriage and family. They usually try their best to cover up the cheating. But after the derailment always needs a certain time to talk about love, the unit overtime has become the best reason to cover up.

To come home suddenly soft or rough

A man will feel sorry for his wife just after he has cheated, and it's easy to feel guilty. Interestingly, before a man cheated, he never thought that he would be unfaithful to his wife. Infidelity is not the exclusive right of a man with a heart. It is also tempting for a good man. If the cold husband suddenly becomes tender and considerate, the husband who never coaxes a woman to please his wife means that he may have done something sorry to his wife outside.

A sudden increase in spending or entertainment

Before a man's infidelity, his daily expenses and social intercourse are regular. The sudden increase of expenses or social intercourse indicates that he may have an affair. It is customary to date with a lover. Men pay for eating, drinking tea, watching movies, opening houses, etc. sometimes, in order to make the lover happy, they will give away some clothes and jewelry.

The phone is often busy or shut down

After a man's cheating, he will contact his lover frequently. In addition to meeting each other with his mobile phone, he will also contact each other through SMS, wechat and other ways even when he returns home.

Sudden decrease or passive coping

When a man dedicates himself to his lover, he will not be interested in his wife for a short time. Even if he does his duty to avoid his wife's suspicion, he will not be passionate any more.

The expression of man's mental infidelity

1. Treat each other's relatives and friends coldly. Sometimes I want to hide

Men's spiritual infidelity does not have substantive sex like substantive infidelity, but it shows a kind of spiritual empathy.

Therefore, in real life, the other half of the marriage is no longer regarded as the most intimate person, of course, the other side's relatives and friends also want to keep a distance, even without enthusiasm, no mood, but also want to avoid.

2. Inexplicably bored, refusing to leave people thousands of miles away

The expression of a man's spiritual infidelity is that he is inexplicably refusing to be in love with others, and there will be objects of empathy and other love in his heart. His attention is often focused on other objects, and he will feel that the couple's life is very boring, or not interesting, and that the current partner is just cumbersome and superfluous.

Therefore, when the other party has something to ask, or the other party wants to take the initiative to make friends, it will often be rejected. Therefore, it is irrelevant to the emotional response of the other party. If you are happy, he is not happy. If you are sad, he is indifferent. If you are sad, the ups and downs of the sad mood are large, which is not conducive to health preservation.

3. Often find excuses not to go home, and prefer to be alone at home

When a man goes out of his way, he will feel that going home is a burden, and he will think that going home is boring, so he often finds an excuse not to go home.

For example, we need to have parties with all kinds of friends, or the company. Even when he goes home, he always watches TV alone or plays computer after dinner.

Although they are also idle, they are not willing to find something with each other to pass the time. Therefore, in such a situation, there is a potential crisis in marriage.

4. Compare each other with others to see that they are not good at anything

Life or work is afraid of comparison, especially in marriage. If a man always blames each other for a little thing, sometimes deliberately criticizing each other, and always comparing each other with others, then such marriage life will only become more and more boring.

5. I can't remember each other's birthday clearly, and the gift is just perfunctory

When a man goes out of his way, he will not be so interested in the other person's affairs. For example, his memory of the other person's birthday is vague, or even forgets the other person's birthday.

The birthday gift from him or her can be seen as a perfunctory one. So, even if a man who has a mental infidelity wants to keep his passion for marriage, it is impossible to do so.

6. There are often small secrets in my heart that I am unwilling to share with each other

With the one who has spiritual infidelity, he often conceals some personal matters in his heart, rather than sharing them with the other. They are used to opening such a private space in their hearts, preferring to store and ferment their minds rather than show them to their partners.

7. Don't want to deal with each other. If you are in a hurry, don't pay attention

Very reluctant to deal with each other, once in a hurry, even if the other party is wronged to cry, he is also lazy to deal with, but put the other party aside, to busy their own affairs, or to find their own pastime.

In daily life, the attitude is lukewarm and tepid, and there are very few times when we actively make friends with each other. After quarreling, we are likely to fall into a cold war for a long time.

How to prevent men from cheating?

Men derail, and "Rome wasn't built in a day" is a truth, it has a certain process, the eyes of men and women who are deeply in love can't hold others. Only when marriage makes a man feel dull and tired can his heart be 'ready to move'. Therefore, the wives can kill their husband's "ready to move" heart in the bud. Only by grasping the embryonic stage and killing the infidelity in the embryonic stage, can we recover our marriage well.

Many women attribute the reality of her husband's cheating to 'he's watching the pot in the bowl' and 'the wild woman outside is shameless' and so on, but they never realize that her husband's cheating has anything to do with himself. If you put yourself in a position to think about your performance for a period of time, whether it's too 'doing', too sloppy, not caring enough for your husband, making your husband feel no new ideas, etc., then you can communicate with your husband thoroughly, believing that you will catch his free heart back to you. If a woman is good enough and cares enough about her husband, no man will leave. There must be a reason why a man chooses to cheat. Maybe he can't understand at home, there is no common language between husband and wife, or he can't be satisfied. Outside, he doesn't need to taboo so much and can be his inner self. Therefore, in addition to men's own reasons for cheating, women also need to review themselves, after all, a slap in the face doesn't ring.

Many wives, who stare at their husbands all day long and covetously, are really unnecessary. You can pay attention to the details of life and get along with each other bit by bit. You can see clearly if he has a little "wind blowing and grass moving". Of course, you also need to trust and tolerate your husband, pay attention to his emotional changes and psychological fluctuations in the careful care of his work and life, and use the female's understanding to resolve his unhappiness, so that he can get full vent and not give opportunities to outsiders.

Always remember the past with my husband

Often look for opportunities to create a romantic atmosphere, and with her husband to recall the past good times and romantic feelings. In this way, you can enhance your confidence in your emotions, and also make your husband often feel a sense of happiness in marriage. On his birthday, you can surprise him, give him some mascots, or make some of his favorite dishes. When my husband is on a business trip, he puts his old keepsake in his bag. Although these can be understood as small means, they may also be understood as interest and mind. As long as the husband is still in love with you, these little tricks can make people full of moving, and automatically far away from the temptation of divorced women.

Pay more to men with heart and reason, and tie man's heart. On the basis of tying men's hearts, when encountering danger signals, we only need to give appropriate warning, and try to expand the emotional space. If women often make men feel the existence of affection and have some scruples about women, they will establish an emotional defense line in men's mind, which is enough to resist the bright lights of the outside world.