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Why do I need to change the wechat startup picture? Who is the villain of wechat launch page?

Have you noticed that the image of wechat login interface has been replaced with the image of Fengyun 4? What's the story behind this? Who is the villain of wechat login interface?

Yesterday, the new generation of geostationary meteorological satellite Fengyun 4 was officially delivered to users for use. On that day, from today's 17:00 to 28:00, the earth image displayed on the mobile wechat launch page will also be replaced by the image of Fengyun 4 from the first complete earth photo released by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States) around the world.

This is also the first change of wechat startup page in six years. After the wechat launch page changed, the earth image in the background changed from the perspective over the African continent to the perspective over the Eastern Hemisphere where China is located, the national defense science, technology and Industry Administration said. According to the wechat team, the display of the shooting picture of "Fengyun 4" is also a historical development from "human origin" to "Chinese civilization", aiming to show hundreds of millions of wechat users the landscape of rivers and mountains in China.

Who is the villain of wechat login page?

For a long time, we all think this person is Zhang Xiaolong, the founder of wechat. Many people think this reason is because: lonely.

Zhang Xiaolong has developed the most successful product in China. She has a feeling of seeking defeat alone. No one can understand her heart or how she thinks about wechat. In real life, Zhang Xiaolong is not a gregarious person, and she is really lonely.

When Zhang Xiaolong made his first public appearance, it seemed that he could make sense to take one shot. It's Zhang Xiaolong.

But from the actual situation analysis, this person is Zhang Xiaolong's meeting ability is not high.

At that time, Zhang Xiaolong was not the one waiting for him. What kind of important products did he dare to add his own shadow to? I don't think he would have such courage. And the most important thing is that wechat is a social product. It's for you to find friends. If you're lonely all the time, which one do you want to find. So obviously it's not the moral.

After the myth of Zhang Xiaolong, we can understand the love of multimedia. So who is this man?

After a little research, it is found that Ma Huateng became an astronomer when she was a child. Astronomy 1 is her big hobby. Even if she is busy now, she likes to use a super high astronomical telescope to look at the sky when she is free.

In the whole Tencent company, who does Zhang Xiaolong need to please most?

It's obviously Ma Huateng!

How to look at logic makes sense. I have to say that Zhang Xiaolong's flattery is very good!