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Will forest ants disclose their privacy many friends of ant forest are playing. They collect the green energy generated by themselves the day before. When the small trees grow up, they can apply for planting a real tree. But recently, some people worry about the security of ant forest. Is ant forest safe? Will it reveal personal privacy?

In fact, ant forest does not have additional authorization requests to users' personal information. All relevant authorization is based on the Alipay service agreement. At the same time, Alipay will also strictly preserve user related information based on laws and regulations, so we can rest assured.

Many green and low carbon behavior of Alipay can get green energy. At the same time, you can hide your energy ball to prevent your friends from seeing your current green energy grams. There will be no friends to spy on your consumption through ant forest.

Many people on the Internet say that ant forest can calculate a person's trajectory by collecting energy. For example, the ant forest's "walking donation" washing time is 8 a.m. After 8 o'clock, the walking energy of the previous day will be displayed and can be stolen. After several days of testing, the conversion ratio is about 100:1. If your boyfriend blocks you in the steps, and the day before told you that I didn't go anywhere, the next day at 8 o'clock, you can check his walking steps. If the energy value is 500, it means that he walked about 50000 steps the day before. So, you know.

But personally, I think this calculation is really time-consuming and arduous. Generally, no one is willing to spend time doing it, and it is also based on familiarity and Alipay friends, otherwise it can not see other people's energy, let alone the energy ball can be hidden, so personally feel that the ant forest is still relatively safe.