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Henan mid autumn festival tourism where to play well 2018 Henan Province

Henan mid autumn festival tourism where to play? Climbing high to enjoy the moon, appreciating osmanthus, burning incense and praying, and enjoying autumn scenery have become the main choices for Henan Mid Autumn Festival travel. This paper has sorted out the top ten Mid Autumn Festival tourist attractions in Henan, including Songshan, Qingming shangheyuan, Laojun Mountain, Yellow River scenic spots, etc., as well as Songshan Shaolin Temple, Baima temple, Longmen Grottoes and other good places in Henan The custom of lighting lanterns in the Iron Tower Park and enjoying osmanthus in Zhengzhou China Green Expo Park are good choices for Henan mid autumn tourism. The following sections recommend some scenic spots that must be visited during the Mid Autumn Festival~

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Spot in Luoyang

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area is a national 5A level scenic spot and National Geopark. It is the core scenic spot of Luoyang Daimeishan World Geopark. It is a Canyon Scenic Spot mainly composed of typical geological and geomorphic landscapes of hongyanzhang Valley Group. Luoyang Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic area faces the guanxia gorge, the ponds and waterfalls are linked with pearls, the walls stand ten thousand meters, the gorge is beautiful and the valley is quiet. After 1.2 billion years of geological deposition and 2.6 million years of water cutting and whirling erosion, the high gorge Weng Valley and the landslides and fissures are unique in the world and rare in the world. It enjoys the reputation of "the first gorge of China's ZhangGu Valley", "the ancient marine natural museum", "the unique Canyon" and the "Yellow River water Gallery" 。 UNESCO and World Geopark evaluation experts have twice praised Longtan Grand Canyon as "the most beautiful canyon in the world" and "the place everyone in the world should come to".

Longmen Grottoes scenic spot in Luoyang

Longmen Grottoes is one of China's stone carving art treasures. It is now a world cultural heritage site, a national key cultural relics protection unit and a national AAAAA tourist attraction. It is located on Longmen Mountain and Xiangshan Mountain on both sides of Yi River in Luolong District, Luoyang City, Henan Province. Longmen Grottoes, together with Mogao Grottoes, Yungang Grottoes and Maijishan grottoes, are known as China's four largest grottoes. Longmen Grottoes have a long history and span many dynasties. They reflect the development and changes of ancient Chinese politics, economy, religion, culture and many other fields from different aspects with a large number of physical images and written materials. They have made great contributions to the innovation and development of Chinese Grottoes art. It was listed as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2000.

Baima Temple (Luoyang City, Henan Province)

Baima temple is located in Baimasi Town, Luolong District, 12 kilometers east of the old city of Luoyang City, Henan Province. Founded in the 11th year of Yongping in the Eastern Han Dynasty, Jialan, the first ancient temple in China, is the first official temple built after Buddhism was introduced into China. It has a history of more than 1900 years. The existing sites and historic sites were left in yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are a large number of Jiadi dry lacquer statues of Yuan Dynasty, such as the third Buddha, the second day generals and the eighteen Arhats, which are precious. In 1961, Baima temple was announced as the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units by the State Council of the people's Republic of China.

Chaya mountain scenic spot in Zhumadian City

Chaya mountain scenic spot is located in Suiping County, Henan Province. It is a national geopark, a national AAAAA tourist area, one of the top ten hot spots and 18 key scenic spots in Henan Province. Chaya mountain area is superior in location, convenient in transportation, pleasant in climate, rich in resources, with a long history and splendid culture. It is known as' bonsai in Central Plains', 'totem forest in China', 'Geopark', 'complete journey to the West' and 'Oriental first society'. Chaya mountain Chaya mountain scenic spot is located in Suiping County, Zhumadian City, Henan Province. It is located on the eastern edge of Funiu. It is named for its rugged mountains and strange rocks. It is also known as the stone monkey fairy mountain, cuo'e mountain and Linglong mountain. It is known as the "best mountain in the world", "bonsai in the Central Plains" and "Stone Forest in the north".

Qingming Shanghe garden, Kaifeng, Henan

Qingming Shanghe park is a large Song Dynasty cultural real scene theme park jointly constructed by Kaifeng Municipal People's Government of Henan Province and Hainan Land Group Company. Located on the West Bank of Longting Lake in Kaifeng City, Qingming Shanghe park is one of the first batch of AAAAA tourist attractions and China's intangible cultural heritage exhibition base. The large-scale Song Dynasty folk custom amusement park, which reproduces the original scenery, reproduces the Millennium prosperous scenery of the ancient capital Bianjing. In 2009, Qingming Shanghe park became an antique theme park based on paintings by China World Records Association. It is a key historical and cultural scenic spot of the national Yellow River Gold tourism line.