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What's going on with ten hundred thousand overtime days? How about overtime pay on National Day?

What's the matter of working overtime for 10 days to 100000? Let's go to organize a group together. Ryanair Ireland sent a letter to the pilot. The captain agreed to work overtime for 10 days in one year and get 12000 euros (about 94000 yuan) in one time, but he should guarantee 800 hours of flight time, no more than 4 times of absence without approval and cannot resign. The representative of the pilot replied that he was not interested.

Recently, Ryanair cancelled 2100 flights due to the annual leave of the crew, which caused a large number of passenger dissatisfaction, and the company prepared to settle claims for up to 160 million yuan.

This year's longest holiday is coming. How to calculate the overtime of the Mid Autumn Festival on the National Day? The holiday lasts for 8 days. It's the longest holiday this year. If you can't work overtime, at least you need to know how much overtime you can get? The reporter will take you to calculate.

According to the notice of the general office of the State Council, the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holiday in 2017 will be 8 days off, from October 1 (Sunday) to October 8 (Sunday), and the normal work will be on September 30.

According to relevant laws and regulations, the employer shall pay the workers who work overtime on legal holidays. In this year's eight day long leave, October 1 to October 3 is the National Day legal holiday, and 300% of overtime pay is calculated; October 4 is the mid autumn day legal holiday, and 300% of overtime pay is calculated; October 5 to October 6 is the compensatory leave, and if there is no compensatory leave, 200% of overtime pay is calculated; October 7 and October 8 are Saturday and Sunday, and if there is no compensatory leave, 200% of overtime pay is calculated.

According to relevant regulations, when calculating overtime wage, daily wage is converted by 21.75 days of average monthly wage, and hourly wage is divided by 8 hours on the basis of daily wage. When determining the calculation base of overtime wage, if there is a clear agreement on wage in the labor contract, it shall be determined according to the wage standard not lower than the corresponding wage standard of the position where the worker is. If there is no clear agreement on wages in the labor contract, the collective agreement shall prevail. If there is no agreement between the employer and the employee, it shall be determined by 70% of the monthly salary of the normal attendance of the employee.