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When will the vivo X20 be available online and how to make an appointment? Vivo X20 configuration an

On the evening of September 21, vivo officially released the first full screen vivo 20 mobile phone, which has a powerful configuration, a 6.01-inch 18:9 full screen, and the first batch of sufficient stock. So when is vivo 20 officially launched? How to make an appointment online?

Picture and text review of vivo 20 press conference:

On September 21, surrounded by the magnificent and beautiful night view of Juyongguan Great Wall, "illuminating the era of comprehensive screen - the new vivo X20 Great Wall conference" officially opened. Vivo X series product manager Han boxiao came on stage to introduce the new products. He first talked about the appearance part. The X20 has a full screen with a ratio of 18:9, and 85.3% of the ultra-high screen ratio not only makes the vivo X20 have a shocking visual effect, but also makes the 6.01 inch machine the same size as the traditional 5.5 inch mobile phone's three dimensions.

Vivo added the face wake facial recognition function, which is used for the first time in Android phones, to unlock. Han said face wake face recognition is a 3D depth of field face recognition, with the fastest speed of 0.1 seconds. This means that the X20 can collect depth of field data, recognize 3D facial data, and really prevent the unlocking of non living things such as photos and videos. The wrist lifting wake-up function allows the user to press the power button without pressing.

Vivo X20 official reservation address: CID = GW  index  bigbaner1

In terms of photographing, vivo image cube technology, combined with dual pixel rear dual camera with larger pixel sensitive surface, enables X20 to retain more details in complex dark light scene and perform well in backlight, night scene and other environments. Surprisingly, the front camera of self shooting also uses dual core pixels.

As the X20 is equipped with a comprehensive screen, displaying 13% more content can let users see the enemy in advance when playing the king's glory. At the same time, the game free mode, vivo game engine SDK optimization, picture in picture mode and other functions can further improve the game experience.

X20 is the first carrier of vivo artificial intelligence. By constantly learning the user's personal habits, X20 can make a preliminary judgment on the user's behavior, so that the user can open the application quickly.

In terms of sales price, the price of vivo X20 4GB ram + 64GB version is 2999 yuan, that of flagship 4GB ram + 128GB ROM is 3398 yuan, and that of vivo X20 plus 4GB ram + 64GB is 3498 yuan. It was pre sold nationwide on September 22 and opened nationwide on September 30.