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What are the songs about the moon in the Mid Autumn Festival

The Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in China, with a very long history. There are also many legends and poems about the festival. Of course, there are also many songs about the festival. Today, I'd like to sum up the song about the moon in the Mid Autumn Festival. Let's enjoy it together.

1. Wang Fei

2. Yuemanxilou

3. Children's song of the Mid Autumn Festival

4. The moon of the fifteenth

5. Cai Qin

6. The moon represents my heart

7. The curved moon Liu Huan

8. The moon cries secretly

9. Moon boat Yang Yuying

10. "Half the moon comes up"

11. Yesterday

12. Faye Wong

13. Danggui

14. Reunion

15. Moonlit night on the Spring River

16. Guzheng of "fishing boat singing at night"

17. The end of the world

18. Whose heart does the moon represent

19. Sky in Taipei

20. Moon River story in golden autumn

21. The moon of China

22. Song Zuying

23. The moon at that time

24. Moonlight lover

25. Moonlight in the city

26. The curved moon

27. The moon cries secretly

28. Shangxianyue

29. Moon boat

30. Yellow moon

31. Moonlight in front of bed by Anita Mui

32. Follow the moon slowly

33. Ode to the red flag

34. Ask by Xiao Youmei

35. Huang Zi

36. Three wishes for roses

37. Moonlit night on the Spring River

38. Colorful clouds chasing the moon

39. Moon reflected by two springs

40. Butterfly

41. When I'm homesick

42. The curved moon

43. Moon boat Yang Yuying

44. Zhang Yan, daughter of the moon

45. The moon on the fifteenth day

46. Yellow moon

47. Look at the face of the moon

48. Water moon

49. The curved moon

50. Moon reflected by two springs

51. I wish you a long time

52. Full moon night

53. Home moon

54. White moonlight

55. Moonlight in front of bed

56. Half moon

57. Moonlight lover

58. Take me to the moon

59. Dancing moonlight

60. Moon River