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Summary of price configuration information of vivo X20 released by vivo X20 mobile phone

Summary of price configuration information of vivo X20 released by vivo X20 mobile phone last year, Lei Jun, chairman of Xiaomi technology, announced that 2017 will be the era of full screen. As expected, from Apple Samsung international brand to Xiaomi Lenovo and other domestic brands, they have released their own full screen mobile phones, and even vivo has begun to play the brand of full screen. Recently, domestic mobile phone manufacturer vivo sent out an invitation letter for vivo 20, and from the invitation letter, we As you can see, this will be another full screen mobile phone. Now let's see the details!

The invitation letter for the launch of vivo X20 was sent to, and vivo attached a screen, from which we can find a lot of new information.

Today, vivo officially announced the release information of the new X20, which will be released later than the great wall of Juyongguan on September 21. At present, the invitation letter of vivo has been sent, and a screen is attached to the invitation letter. This screen has a comprehensive high screen proportion design, and it is the OLED screen used by vivo X20.

Vivo X20 is the first full screen design mobile phone launched by vivo in China. It will use Samsung OLED screen. The ultra-high screen share has a strong sense of visual impact. The ultra narrow frame design, which can hardly see the frame on the left and right, gives it a relative sense of technology.

According to the official introduction of vivo, this function is called face wake face recognition function. The recognition speed can reach 0.1 seconds. It supports lifting hands and lighting the screen, pressing the power button, double clicking the bright screen and other scenes can trigger face recognition. At the same time, Han boxiao, product manager of vivo, said that the face in Android 4.0 era is totally different, with too much speed difference.

From the front panel in the invitation, we can see that there are many openings on the top of vivo X20, among which led indicator light, front camera, sensing area and front soft light light can be confirmed. An additional opening should be the special sensing area for face recognition.

In addition, the front panel of the screen of vivo X20 has designed all the cables in the chin area at the bottom. In addition, the thickness of the whole front panel is quite thin, it must be OLED panel.

It is reported that the vivo X20 will be equipped with the Qualcomm snapdragon 660 mobile platform, with a screen ratio of 18:9. It mainly focuses on taking photos and taking selfies, and has a 24 million pixel camera behind it.