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Recommended tourist attractions on National Day

The National Day golden week is the last holiday in 2018, and it is also a long holiday besides the Spring Festival. Many people are looking forward to this holiday. They think that many people arrange their travel plans in this holiday. Which place is fun for the National Day golden week? The following is to recommend 11 cool places for fun, these are quite good.


In general, when traveling to Yunnan, many people know Dali and Lijiang, but few know Heqing. It is called "the next Lijiang". There is no excessive commercial atmosphere in Lijiang, some are just idyllic life, and there is no romantic and snowy moon in Dali. It is just a beautiful town full of Legends and myths, quiet and safe.


When it comes to landscape, many people can say the praise of "Guilin landscape is the best in the world". This is learned from primary school textbooks. Indeed, Guilin's landscape is worthy of its reputation. In fact, in Jingxi County in the southwest of Guangxi, there are small Guilin everywhere, especially Quyang Lake. There are few scenic beauties, and there is no need for tickets. It's very good to ride a bicycle.


If you want to experience the original village life, you can go to Huaihua, where there are many ancient towns and villages, such as Qianyang ancient city and Gaoyi ancient village. One is the original ecological village, and the other is one of the best preserved ancient cities of Ming and Qing Dynasties in China. The commercial atmosphere is not too loud, and the traffic is convenient. You will feel very quiet here.


If you are a person who is keen on ancient village buildings, even if the ancient city of Yongtai is right here, the first feeling of coming here is a little boastful. Maybe you will meet a person driving colorful auspicious clouds to marry you. There are not many villagers living here. They live on sheep, so there will be sheep going in and out sooner or later, which is also a good time to take pictures 。

Tengchong ginkgo Village

It is especially recommended to go in late autumn, because you can only see the most beautiful time when you go there. There are more than 3000 ancient ginkgo trees in the village, which is the largest, most concentrated and oldest ginkgo forest found in Yunnan so far. When you get to this place, you will be amazed by the unique landscape of golden trees!

How can you enjoy these beautiful places on your own? You must share them with you. You can choose the places you are interested in. You can take your camera and luggage with you. That's all about the interesting places on November 11.