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How to clean the air conditioner in summer? How many degrees is the air conditioner set in summer to

In the second half of May, the smell of impatience in the air has gradually appeared. At present, many areas in the south are about to usher in the season of using air conditioners, but the air conditioners that have been sleeping for several months in winter are often full of dust and bacteria, so they need to be cleaned in advance when they are used!

I. the best cleaning frequency is January 1

When the air conditioner is turned on for the first time every year, it should be disinfected. However, due to the high frequency of air conditioning use in summer, and people like cool in summer, stay in the air conditioning room for a long time, so the cleaning frequency of air conditioning should be higher, and once a month is appropriate.

Do not use hot water to clean the panel

It is widely accepted that boiling water can kill bacteria. When cleaning the air conditioning panel, the situation is different. When cleaning, please do not use hot water over 40 ℃, do not use gasoline, membrane material, detergent, volatile oil, mixed solvent and other plastic parts to clean the panel. You can use clean water or neutral detergent. Do not dry or bake after cleaning.

III. proper set temperature

Although lower the air conditioning temperature to enjoy a more comfortable feeling, setting a proper temperature can not only benefit our health, but also extend the service life of the air conditioning. When cooling, it is better not to set the temperature too low. When the temperature is set at 26 ~ 27 ℃, the cooling load of air conditioner can be reduced by more than 8%. While in sleep, due to the reduction of metabolism, you can turn on the sleep mode of air conditioner, and set the temperature to 2 ℃ higher, which can save 20% power.

IV. internal parts need maintenance

Although it is easy to see whether there is dirt or damage on the surface, it is difficult to clean the internal parts. The user shall not use hard objects such as brush or cleaning cloth to clean the indoor unit, and shall avoid damaging sensitive elements or connecting pipes during cleaning.

how many degrees of air conditioning is the most energy-saving: 26 ℃ - 28 ℃ is the most appropriate

In summer, for people who sit still or are doing light work, the most suitable indoor temperature is generally between 26 ℃ and 28 ℃. When the room temperature is set, the temperature difference between the air conditioner on and the outdoor temperature is generally within 10 ℃. For example, if the outdoor temperature is 30 ℃ and the indoor temperature is 25 ℃, it is OK. If the temperature difference is too large, it is easy to cause air conditioning diseases. In addition to summer, the heating temperature setting of air conditioning in winter also has its own stress. In winter, energy saving is 10% for every low 2 ℃ and more than 10% for every high 2 ℃ in summer.