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A huge fireball rushed into the car and hit the scene of London subway terrorist attack

A huge fireball rushed into the car and hit the scene of London subway terrorist attack

Four seas network: Recently, a terrorist attack was launched on the London subway, which injured 18 people. According to a witness at that time, a huge fireball rolled to the top of the carriage, and the passengers were in a mess. Let's see the details below!

According to US media, the London emergency center said 18 people had been taken to hospital after a fire broke out at a London subway station. Police said it was a terrorist attack.

According to the associated press on September 15, the London emergency center said no one was believed to be seriously injured or life-threatening.

London's mayor, Sadiq Khan, said on September 15 that London "will not be intimidated or defeated by terrorism.". He said London 'strongly condemns those hateful people who try to use terror to harm us and destroy our lives'. He said Londoners should 'stay calm and alert'.

Reported that London has been the target of several terrorist attacks this year, including car attacks near the British Parliament, London Bridge attacks and terrorist attacks near the mosque in Finsbury Park in North London.

At least 18 people were injured and many burned in an explosion in a crowded subway car in London during the morning rush hour on September 15. The police treated this as a terrorist attack.

London police entered Parsons & middot; green subway station after passengers reported an explosion and fire, the report said. Police said an improvised explosive device caused a fire. The police investigation is being assisted by MI5, the UK's domestic intelligence service.

British Foreign Secretary Johnson called for calm. London mayor Sadiq Khan said the British capital would not be intimidated or defeated by terrorism.

Witnesses described the scene as chaotic. A passenger said: 'a huge fireball' rushed up to the top of the car and then smelled chemicals. He said several school-age children in the car were hit when passengers fled in panic.

The picture in the car shows a white plastic bucket in a supermarket shopping bag. You can see the fire and what looks like a wire.

On the morning of September 15, President trump tweeted: "another failed terrorist attack in London. These are sick and crazy people, right in front of Scotland Yard. (we) have to be proactive! "

Trump continued on Twitter: 'the implementation of the travel ban in the United States should be broader, tougher and more specific, but foolishly, it is politically incorrect. '