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How did Qiao Renliang die on the first anniversary of his death?

today is the first anniversary of Qiao Renliang's death. Chen Qiaoen first sent a micro blog to mourn his death. For stars in the entertainment industry, it may not be as bright as we have seen. Qiao Renliang committed suicide due to depression.

Although only an angel's symbol and a picture of "pink heaven" were used, there was no word left, but what she could not hide was her missing and blessing for her good friend Qiao Renliang. Chen Qiaoen once wrote "in pink heaven, my friend, I hope you finally find peace in your heart. We will meet one day after all.".

The scene of Qiao Renliang's death is the anniversary of the death of the dead actor Qiao Renliang on the 16th of the mainland. When the news of his suicide came out one year ago, it shocked fans and many friends in the entertainment circle. Among them, Chen qiao'en, his best friend for many years, was greatly affected. He collapsed in the farewell ceremony and was supported by others. The whole person was emaciated and emaciated, which seemed particularly painful. One year later, Chen Jon did not forget this old friend. He sent a letter to mourn at one o'clock, which made his nose sour.

When Qiao Renliang died, Chen qiao'en once heard that he could not bear to grieve for many days, which worried his relatives and friends. It can be seen that he really put each other in a special place in his heart. No matter how busy he was, he never forgot the important days of the other party. Last year (2016) Qiao Renliang was 29 years old. Because she wanted to fly to Budapest for filming, she was afraid to miss her old friend's birthday by flying in the plane, so she sent a message in advance Fu, between the lines is still full of miss and do not give up, but she would not like to think of those sad things, but remember each other's life smile.

On the day of the first anniversary of the death of Qiao Renliang on the 16th, the three words "Qiao Renliang" had been on the hot search list of Weibo for a long time, and fans had sent articles to recall and review the past, while Chen qiao'en also sent articles to mourn at the first time as usual. Although only an angel's symbol and a picture symbolizing "pink heaven" were used, no words and phrases were left behind, what she could not hide was her friends Our thoughts and blessings.

This blessing looks very light and light, but it echoes with the mutual echo written by Chen Jon at the time of Qiao Ren Liang's birthday earlier: 'good in pink heaven, my friend, I hope you finally find peace in your heart, we will meet one day after all'. Fans also left messages like 'he'll like it', 'thank you for remembering him' and 'may everything be ok with Joe in heaven'.

When Qiao Renliang's parents showed up in Shanghai, Qiao's father said, "we don't blame you, we love you forever," tears fell. Li Yifeng, Jing Bairan, Fu Xinbo, Joe Chen, Zhao Liying and Joker Xue waited until the last stage of Kimi. Chen entered with tears in his eyes and was helped out with sobs when he left. Many fans wear black clothes to mourn. Kimi has gone all the way. Qiao Renliang is the first to watch the live HD big picture of the memorial service.

When Qiao Renliang was attacked by internet violence, he didn't find a public relations team to wash his heart. Instead of letting his friends come out to help him talk, he chose silence. When he was seriously ill, he didn't hype about his illness everywhere, and he always comforted everyone that he was very good and happy and didn't let everyone worry about him. The deceased has already passed away. Please don't make use of his life's pain. No interrupting is the greatest respect for him. My dear, I wish to be a spring breeze in the next life, wandering and free. I must love myself a little more in the next life.