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It's too scary to play games with stones for a long time!

It's too scary to play games with stones for a long time! Recently, a 26-year-old boy often played games late into the night. Until a week ago, he felt that he could not open his eyes normally. He went to the hospital for examination and was shocked. His eyes were full of small stones. What's the matter? Let's have a look!

The 26 year old field felt that there was a foreign body in his eyes during this period of time, and he could not open his eyes normally. Only when he went to the hospital for examination did he know that his eyes were full of stones.

The field in Houhu is infatuated with a very popular mobile game. At night, people often turn off the lights and play late with their mobile phones. A week ago, the field often felt that there were foreign objects in the eyes, and the eyes could not be opened normally, especially when driving at night, sometimes even the traffic lights could not be seen clearly, and almost an accident occurred. The morning before yesterday, Tianye came to Wuhan Central Hospital Houhu hospital for ophthalmology treatment.

The ophthalmologist turned his upper eyelid up and saw that there were all yellow and white dots, some of which had calcified and were diagnosed as conjunctival stones.

Finally, the doctor spent more than 40 minutes to help him pick out the stones in his eyes. These yellow and white stones are like broken rice grains.

According to Xiang Yi, director of Ophthalmology, conjunctival calculi are not real stones, but multiple hard yellow spots on the eyelid and conjunctiva, which mainly occur in people with chronic eye diseases such as trachoma and chronic conjunctivitis.

Other eye diseases such as blepharitis, entropion, trichiasis, ectropion, incomplete eyelid closure, chronic dacryocystitis and ametropia can cause conjunctival calculi. Many young people are prone to conjunctival calculi when they watch mobile phones and computers for a long time, especially when they stay up late at night and stare at the electronic screen for a long time.

Director Xiang reminded that often staying up late, lack of sleep, excessive smoking and alcohol will make the eyes suffer from congestion, dryness, swelling pain and other symptoms. The key to the prevention of conjunctival calculi is to form a healthy habit of eye use, not long time to do bow, not randomly rub the eyes.

It's best to watch the screen in soft light. If the ambient light is weak, the screen should not be too bright.

When using the computer, it's best to keep your back straight as much as possible, with your eyes looking down at the computer for about 15-20 degrees; when playing with the mobile phone, it's recommended to lift the mobile phone and look at it horizontally with your eyes as much as possible, lean forward slightly while sitting, and keep the mobile phone not too close to your eyes. You must have a rest after watching the screen for an hour.