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How does Pink Jade Bracelet turn blue? Why does Pink Bracelet turn blue?

What's the matter with the Pink Jade Bracelet turning blue? Many people have asked this question on Baidu. About the Furong jade mentioned by the subject, combined with the description of the subject, its body color features with a blue purple tone may be Pink Chalcedony rather than the usual Furong stone. Let's make it up for you.

Chalcedony is a kind of ultra micro cryptocrystalline aggregate Quartz Gemstone, which belongs to silica (Si02) type gemstone with the chemical composition of Hibiscus. As a pink crystal, hibiscus stone is a single mineral crystal, while chalcedony is a mineral aggregate. The difference between them is just like thinking of mineral single crystal as a grain of sand, and mineral aggregate is the whole of countless grains of sand (single crystal). So there is a slight difference in some physical and optical properties.

As for the color, Pink Chalcedony is caused by the trace manganese Mn and titanium Ti in its chemical composition. Like Furong stone, because of the existence of bivalent manganese in its chromogenic elements, it is easy to fade and fade under the conditions of high temperature and sunlight.

Under the condition of long-term sunshine and high temperature, the color changes from Figure 1 to figure 1.

Therefore, when wearing Pink Chalcedony bracelet, you should pay attention to avoid high temperature and exposure to the sun.