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Apple's new machine demonstrates face recognition failure how Apple responds to the Wulong event

in the early morning of September 13, apple held an autumn new product conference at the jobs theater, the new headquarters of Apple Park, and released three mobile phones. Among them, the high-tech face recognition, which has been advocated, made a scene and even failed to demonstrate. Is the face recognition function of apple safe?

Apple CEO Tim & middot; cook called the iPhone X 'the biggest leap since the first iPhone.'. In addition to the comprehensive screen, this product adopts face recognition technology.

But what cook didn't expect was that Wulong appeared on the scene. Craig & middot; fedridge, vice president of apple, demonstrated the function of face recognition, and the first recognition failed unexpectedly. In the video broadcast, you can see that the words "please enter the digital password to unlock the face ID" appear on the large screen mobile phone. Craig & middot; fedridge's second recognition was successful.

Although Apple says the new technology has a recognition error rate of less than one in a million, it will only unlock when users stare at the phone. But at the conference, when the face unlocking demonstration failed, the scene was very embarrassed.

The sharp eyed friend saw the problem at the conference and said Apple's explanation was reasonable. Because if face ID recognition fails, iPhone x will prompt as' try again ', while the prompt at the conference site is' your passcode is required to enable face ID' (you need to use password to enable face ID).

According to past experience, this prompt usually appears on the mobile phone after restart, which is not the problem of low face ID recognition rate. Of course, what is the experience of iPhone X and whether the recognition rate of face ID is high? We will know when we get the real machine.