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IPhone 8 launch online viewing address

Chinese subtitle address of iPhone 8 launch video the world-famous new iPhone 8 is about to be unveiled. The biggest highlight of this conference is the special edition of the legendary iPhone for the 10th anniversary. The venue of the event will be held in Apple's new headquarters, and the invitation letter of the Chinese version reads: see you at home! This is undoubtedly a global fruit powder carnival. Hundreds of millions of mobile phone enthusiasts are looking forward to seeing the face of the new iPhone. Many little friends don't know where to watch the live broadcast. Let's take a look at it together! !

This time we finally met at the new headquarters

This is the clear message of this invitation: hold a press conference in your new park for the first time. In the past two years, conferences have usually been held at Cupertino headquarters in California or at the Bill Graham municipal auditorium in San Francisco.

With apple Park, the new headquarters of apple, making the final conclusion, this conference will also usher in the first show of the new park. IPhone 8 conference live address Click: Watch

Jobs began to plan, lasted seven years, and invested 5 billion dollars to build the new Apple headquarters. The main building has been basically completed, and the final work is in full swing. Apple park can accommodate 14000 employees at the same time.

In Apple Park, there is a theater named after Steve Jobs, where the 10th anniversary of iPhone is held. At present, a few workers of Steve Jobs theater are still working at night, and the surrounding area is under construction. We were worried that we would not be able to finish the project as scheduled.

As always, the invitation didn't say exactly what products would be released, but there's no doubt that September will see the most important product of the year: the next generation iPhone.

Let's take a look at the protagonist

Let's talk about the protagonist. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone's launch, with many speculating that Apple will 'facelift' the iPhone this year. Before the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, let's take a look at these relatively reliable rumors.

Brand new color matching

As for the new iPhone, many people think it will be called "iPhone 8". Let's call it that for the time being before it is released.

Since 5S, the iPhone has been on the road of changing colors. Gold, rose gold, bright black and the newly launched red color have become the imitations of friends and businessmen. This time, according to the news of the news, iPhone8 will introduce a new matching color, called'Blush Gold', which literally means "blush gold".

It is believed that Apple will create another popular color for digital products.

This invitation also seems to reveal this information. On Apple's logo, it seems that there are several profiles of mobile phones, such as the color of blush gold.

Comprehensive screen with face recognition:

According to the Internet exposure, the front face of the iPhone 8 has a full screen. The middle position will be reserved for the earpiece and camera, similar to the sharp Q2 recently released.

Although this is a comprehensive screen, apple is likely to 'split' this screen, just like the LG V series style, displaying signals, power, etc. on both sides of the top, at least this can make the interface display more harmonious.

From the current exposure image, the full screen of the iPhone 8 also causes the following home button to be cancelled. So where is fingerprint identification? People found traces in the firmware code of the homepod speaker released in advance.

Although it's still a few days before homepod goes on sale, developers have found some information from homepod. It turns out that it not only verified the full screen design of the iPhone 8, but also found that Apple would cancel the replacement of the touch ID of the iPhone 8 with face recognition.

Apple doesn't know if it's going to succeed with its touch ID, but if it's going to work on the iPhone 8, it's bound to drive innovation in the mobile industry.

Double shot became vertical version this time

So, what's the back of the iPhone 8? There's no dispute about the back from the beginning: the back of the glass, the vertical dual camera. However, because of this "traffic light" like double shot, many people began to cry ugly. In fact, the camera stands up and stands out like a piece of stolen goods stuck to a mirror. But it's not that it can't be accepted, such as the following:

In recent days, a series of demonstration videos of iPhone 8 models have also been circulated, most of which have been leaked from shell manufacturers. These are the images of the iPhone 8 models in the video that are basically the same as the previously exposed information. They may also be the models built according to rumors.

Last but not least:

In addition to the iPhone 8, the iPhone 7S and 7S plus, as well as the new generation of Apple watch and Apple TV set-top boxes will be released together. The 7S series will be a small upgrade of last year's products, apple watch may add independent communication functions based on last year's products, and Apple TV will support 4K products.

For Chinese users, the new Apple watch will be the most attractive addition to the iPhone 8, and Apple may turn on its own call function, which will greatly reduce the dependence on the iPhone.

Sina Technology will carry out the simultaneous interpreting of live video, live broadcast, and conference coverage. At that time, we will also take you to feel the new Apple park for the first time. Please pay attention. (