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How does three years of pregnancy come about? Is three years of pregnancy true

How does three years of pregnancy come about? Is three years of pregnancy true there is a folk saying that in three years of pregnancy, there are many people who have just given birth to children complaining that their response becomes sluggish after giving birth to children, and their memory also declines. Is it true in three years of pregnancy? Is it true in three years of pregnancy?

@Netizen: Recently, my wife has been forgetting to write or step on the accelerator. She has taught many times, and she has been filled with guilt. That day, after holding on for a long time, she said: "hum! Don't blame me! Blame your child. Have a child for three years, my mother said. 'I was puzzled to hear that. It's not easy to be a mother. It's said that the more you use your brain, the better you can use it. Are you stupid for three years?

Research shows that women's brain volume decreases by 4% during pregnancy

Dr. ottliki and colleagues at Hammersmith Hospital in London found that women's brain capacity decreased by 4% during pregnancy, according to a foreign study.

The so-called "pregnant stupidity" is related to many factors such as hormone changes in women's body before and after pregnancy, sleep quality decline, attention transfer from career to baby, inadequate self adjustment, and cognitive error, which can not be easily attributed to mental and intellectual decline.

In English, there is a similar expression of "one pregnant and three stupid years". Many mothers often complain that their brains are not working well since they are pregnant. The most common expression is that they can't remember things well, can't read, and can't pay attention for a long time. Especially for professional women, the higher education level, the more complaints. Can pregnancy really make a woman stupid?

Saying: three years pregnant, is this really the case?

As the saying goes, "one pregnancy is silly for three years", which means that once a woman is pregnant, her memory will decline and she will lose her mind. Some studies suggest that after pregnancy, women may have problems such as memory decline and cognitive decline.

This is often referred to as the 'pregnant silly' or 'baby brain' state. We don't know how long the baby brain will last. But from the past clinical experience, this is a very common phenomenon, it may not even occur in pregnancy, but the change of women themselves.

Fact finding team: experts reveal the truth of "pregnant fool"

When it comes to the question of "pregnant silly", most women who have had pregnancy nodded their heads and agreed: Yes, we start to be silly as soon as we are pregnant, memory declines, and the number is not clear & hellip; & hellip.

But in the eyes of doctors, does "pregnant stupidity" really exist? Is it really the so-called "baby brain" phenomenon, or other reasons? Let's ask experts in neurology and gynecology to analyze the truth for you.

Experiments show that 'pregnant fool' may be related to hormones

Dr. Xu green, from the Department of Neurology, Nanjing General Hospital, Nanjing Military Region, did an experiment. He followed a group of pregnant women and found that at the early stage of pregnancy, the women's cognitive level was normal, but within one month after they gave birth, another test found that almost all women's cognitive function scores dropped. Generally speaking, they are all stupid.

This is the legendary "pregnant fool". But why does this happen? We have to start with hormones.

Experts say they found in their study that some of these women had a particularly significant cognitive decline, most of whom had dystocia and oxytocin injections. This gave him a hint: can oxytocin cause it?

In fact, a oxytocin, plus an estrogen that is most closely related to women. Both hormones are closely related to women's cognitive function.

The study found that women's estrogen has a clear protective effect on the brain. If estrogen is given to animals and patients with brain damage, most of the subjects will become 'smart'. This is because estrogen has a protective effect on nerve cells in the brain, and it is also related to the information transmission function in the brain, so that the brain can work better.

Oxytocin, on the other hand, has a negative effect on cognitive function in a short period of time, which is why women may appear to be "dumber" in a short period of time.