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How many episodes of online drama are updated in a week? Why is there a dark phobia in pursuing Guan

"Chasing murderers in the white night" TV series is being broadcast in Youku video, and it has been loved by everyone since it was broadcast. Guan Hongfeng is suffering from dark phobia, so he must sleep with the light on. The dark will make him have the illusion of murder scene. So what is night phobia?

In the play, brother Guan Hongfeng is the former leader of the Criminal Police Brigade with superior handling and investigation ability. Brother Guan Hongyu is the number one criminal suspect of a major massacre. Brother helps his brother get rid of the crime, hides him in his own home, and returns to the police force as a consultant to assist in handling other kinds of homicide cases in exchange for the opportunity to check the case files of his brother. Two people are active in everyone's realization in the same identity. What appears in the daytime is brother Hongfeng, and what you see in the evening is Hongyu (brother suffers from dark phobia).

In order to avoid any flaws, my brother trained my brother for several months, introducing all police force situations and cases, including personal habits, etc. from the scars on his face to the length of his hair and even his weight, he always kept the same. One was injured, and the other had to mend the same wound, trying to be absolutely "the same inside and the outside". They deal with the case alternately day and night, and crack the case and catch the murderer in different ways and ideas.

At the same time, my brother's free and easy character and unfamiliar with business still cause some people's Puzzlement and suspicion. Their identity secrets may be exposed at any time. Although some places can not stand scrutiny, the overall rhythm and logic theme and setting are very good; through details, microexpression and flashback of the screen to lay the foreshadowing for the following plot; the conscience of the props group; pan Yueming plays two roles but switches freely, and his acting skills are highly praised. Why the younger brother was locked as the number one suspect of the murder scandal, including whether the two brothers were really innocent, and the suspense of the police within nine thousand nine, and so on, was completely aroused curiosity, hoping to follow the force, not to fight the streets.

In the first scene of the crime, pan Yueming's Guan Hongfeng appeared as a standard old criminal police figure: Gao has a hunched body, a scar on his face, and a silent look, which gives people a sense of vicissitudes.

Guan Hongyu, the twin brother also played by Pan Yueming, was hidden in his home by his brother Guan Hongfeng because he was involved in a "door extermination case". Unfortunately, Guan Hongfeng, who is suffering from dark phobia, can only act in the daytime. Therefore, Guan Hongyu has to learn a lot of detective skills from his brother and memorize every detail of the police force so that he can travel alternately at night. Since then, the two brothers with different personalities have embarked on a "white night" style adventure, in which the thrill and tension from time to time make the audience feel a cold sweat for them.