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Joker Xue divorced and compounded to buy houses for Shanghai.

Joker Xue divorced to buy a house? Experts tell you that the idea is too simple. It seems that the power of the network is really terrible. Is it necessary for a big star to buy a house and get divorced and remarry to make such a mess? It's so black!

A blessing voice, there are also netizens paragraph hand attached body said, Joker Xue's divorce remarry history, is the history of Shanghai people buying a house.

'in September 2015, divorce, net exit - qualified for the first Suite - pay down - enjoy the first suite loan interest rate - hand in the house in 2017 - hand in the house for acceptance - buy the parking space - transfer the ownership and get the large-scale production certificate - announce composite. '

Is Joker Xue combined with his ex-wife to really buy a curve?

Specially invited senior real estate editor to see Mr. Fang, and interpreted the real estate policy of Shanghai in recent two years.

In 2015, Joker Xue and Gao Leixin maintained their emotional ending for three years. According to reports, Joker Xue did not want to talk about the cause of divorce at that time. He only said he owed his wife. After divorce, he not only gave the real estate to the woman, but also paid 10 million yuan, which could be called a "clean out of the house".

In 2015, Shanghai's purchase restriction policy was to have a non local account, to pay social security for three years, and to be married, you can buy a house in Shanghai. Shanghai Hukou, only 2 sets can be bought.

It is understood that at that time, if the house was given to one party after divorce, then the other party had no house under his name, and buying another house was still the first set, with a down payment of only 30%.

Gao Leixin is a native of Jilin. For her and Joker Xue, if Gao Leixin was a foreign account, then Gao Leixin would not be able to buy a house if he divorced.

For Joker Xue, as long as he did not have a house at the time, it would be okay to buy another set, because it was a Shanghai account, and the first down payment was only 3 per cent, which could be considered the first suite.

If it's the second set, it's not necessary, because it was stipulated at that time that the second set of Shanghai Hukou should be bought for marriage, but the implementation of this policy will be different in different regions.

In 2017, Joker Xue was exposed to buying a villa in Shanghai.

At this time, the purchase policy of Shanghai is to buy houses with non local registered permanent residence. The social insurance must be paid for 5 years and married before one set can be bought. The registered permanent residence in Shanghai is the same, and there can be two under the name of the family unit with Shanghai registered permanent residence.

However, there have been changes in the loan policy. As long as there has been a record of buying a house with commercial loans before, no matter whether there is a house under your name or not, buying another one is the second one, with a down payment of 70%.

That is to say, the cost of buying a house with commercial loans, even if it is divorced, cannot be reduced.

So, if Joker Xue bought a house before he remarried this year, he would pay 3.5 of his down payment. After remarriage, his newly purchased property would be included in the family unit, plus the house that he gave Gao Leixin before, and the 2 apartments in the Shanghai family name were full.

If you buy real estate after remarriage, you need to pay 70% down for the second set of real estate.

Therefore, according to the purchase policy of Shanghai and the time point of Joker Xue's divorce and remarriage, if it is really for the sake of buying a house, it will not take advantage of the down payment, nor does it break the house purchase barrier. It seems that there is no need for it.