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For many white-collar workers, it's very common to work overtime and stay up late, but a network engineer is blind because of sudden overtime, which is terrible. Do you know what is bulimia? How to protect your eyes in daily overtime?

Yao Jin, vice president of the ophthalmic hospital affiliated to Nanjing Medical University, carried out a detailed examination for Xiao Zhou, who was diagnosed as suffering from binocular neuritis. The cause of the disease was that the patients used computers and mobile phones for a long time, which made the blood vessels in the eyes tense and insufficient, induced inflammation, and finally led to 'critical blindness'.

It turns out that Xiao Zhou is a software engineer. Recently, there is a project in his company. He is in a hurry to make progress. So he works all night in front of computers and mobile phones. After working overtime for four consecutive days, his eyes suddenly lose sight of things.

Wang Hongxia, ophthalmologist of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University: "it is very likely that an excessive fatigue of the body, as well as some other systemic diseases, will lead to the attack of acute optic nerve damage, so the vision will suddenly decline. If you see a doctor in time, there may be part of your vision that can be recovered, but if you want to recover all of them, you may lose part of your vision. '

Overuse of eyes may lead to sudden blindness

Sudden blindness refers to the acute cataract eye disease with normal outer eye and rapid decline of vision in one or both eyes, resulting in sudden loss of vision. The causes of fulminant blindness include fatigue of eye muscles, spastic paralysis, insufficient blood supply to eyes, etc. Central retinal artery occlusion, intraocular hemorrhage and acute optic neuritis can also cause sudden blindness.

According to the hospital's ophthalmologists, people like Zhang Xiang are suddenly blinded because the screen is jumping up, down, left and right, changing rapidly, and the players are staring at the screen without turning their eyes. The eyes are too tired, the light ones cause myopia, the heavy ones even lead to retinal detachment, causing severe visual impairment and sudden blinding, that is, temporary or permanent blindness.

Eyes are easy to be hurt by watching computer for a long time

Even if you don't play games for tens of hours in a row like Zhang Xiang, it's very harmful to your eyes if you use the computer for a long time without paying attention to rest. When people use computers, on the one hand, they will be radiated by computers, on the other hand, their eyes will stare at a place for a long time, and the blink times will be reduced, which will make their eyes dry and lack of water, resulting in eye blood vessels tension, blood supply shortage, muscle paralysis, and even inflammation. For a long time, it will seriously affect the curvature function of the lens, resulting in myopia. Excessive fatigue and insufficient blood supply of the eyes may also cause optic nerve ischemia, secondary retinopathy and serious damage to the eyes. During the National Day holiday, many hospitals receive patients who get sick because of playing with computers. Therefore, doctors remind that we must pay attention to protecting our eyes when using computers.

Protect eyes' five notes'

As for how to protect eyes when using computers, the reporter interviewed Dr. Sui of Peking Union Medical College Hospital for ophthalmology. She suggested that people who have been working in front of computers for a long time should pay attention to the following points: first, the distance between eyes and computer screen should not be too close, which should be kept between 0.4-0.7 meters; second, people who have myopia or farsightedness should wear glasses and use computers to reduce the lens Third, every hour you look at the computer, you should rest for 5-10 minutes, look far away or do eye exercises; fourth, when your eyes feel dry and sour, drop some eye moistening liquid with ingredients close to human tears; fifth, each vitamin is very important to your eyes, so you should pay attention to the balanced supplement of various vitamins in your daily diet, and the doctor suggests that you take a multivitamin every day; Finally, let the eyes rest fully, enough sleep is essential to protect the eyes.