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Why do you have bad breath all the time? The cause of halitosis has been found for many years

I believe that many people with halitosis are very self abased. When talking with others, they are afraid that others will smell the bad smell in their mouth. Halitosis makes you very embarrassed and annoyed? Rest assured, you are not alone. According to the survey, the proportion of halitosis patients in China is 24.6%, which is equivalent to that one in four people has halitosis, but the degree is different. So you know what causes halitosis?

What are the causes of halitosis?

(1) stomachache and halitosis: this kind of person may suffer from aphtha, chronic periodontitis, or usually like spicy and thick taste, which may cause breath. It is necessary to properly remove the stomach fire, and eat less hot and dry food to eliminate it.

(2) constipation halitosis: this kind of halitosis is caused by the habit of defecation and living habits. If the harmful substances produced in the body cannot be discharged in time, they will be absorbed into the blood and cause halitosis, abdominal distention, loss of appetite, irritability and other self poisoning symptoms. There is no specific method, should develop the habit of defecating in time, drink more water and eat vegetables, generally speaking, the breath symptoms will disappear.

(3) pharyngitis and halitosis: women with chronic and acute pharyngitis are often accompanied by halitosis. This kind of person often feels the phenomenon of dry throat, sore throat or swollen throat, which can be solved by treatment.

(4) adolescent halitosis: female halitosis population is dominated by adolescent girls. This is because the ovarian function of female is closely related to the oral mucosa epithelium. At this time, the ovarian function is underdeveloped, the level of sex hormone is low, the oral tissue resistance will also be reduced, and the oral cavity will become dry, which is easy to cause halitosis.

(5) dieting to lose weight and halitosis: losing weight has become a common saying of many women. However, did you know that dieters inadvertently inhibit the secretion of saliva, which makes oral bacteria grow, and the consumption of body fat will also release a kind of acetone with peculiar smell, followed by halitosis.

how to alleviate the embarrassment of halitosis?

(1) normal daily life. Eat less snacks, eat more vegetables, fruits and light and digestible food, drink more water, keep moving, etc., most of the halitosis can disappear.

(2) brush your teeth with qixiangyasan sooner or later. If you don't use one toothpaste for a long time, it's not good for your teeth. In addition, it's recommended to stay up late for a long time to prepare a bottle of mouthwash and clean up the bacteria in your mouth in time.

(3) vitamin B6 and trace element zinc were supplemented to the weak women. Due to the lack of vitamin B6 and trace element zinc, this kind of women are recommended to eat more lean meat, fish, eggs, liver, blood, shellfish, walnuts and peanuts.

(4) no sugar gum for emergency. Chewing gum helps to remove the food residue between the teeth and the soft dirt on the tooth surface. It is also a way to prevent halitosis.