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What's the date of the Double Ninth Festival in 2017? What are the customs of Chongyang Festival?

It is believed that many people will recite the ancient poem "remember Shandong brothers on September 9" when they are young. Chongyang Festival is a day of family reunion. It was a pity that it was originally suitable for autumn to enjoy the scenery. For tourists far away from home, do you feel lonely when you arrive at Chongyang Festival? Chongyang Festival is not a national legal holiday, and it will not be a holiday in 2017.

Double Ninth Festival 2017: October 28, 2017, the ninth day of the ninth lunar month.

What are the traditional customs of Chongyang Festival

1. Climbing:

The so-called climbing is actually mountain climbing. According to the custom, September 9 of the Double Ninth Festival is the golden autumn September. It's very sunny. If you go to the high on this day, you will be able to feel relaxed and happy, keep fit and get rid of diseases. Therefore, as early as the Western Han Dynasty, some people climbed the high to play and wrote many interesting poems.

2. Eating Chongyang cake:

Chongyang cake is also known as flower cake, chrysanthemum cake and five color cake. There is no definite way to make it. It is more casual. According to the custom, at the dawn of the Double Ninth Festival, they would match their children's heads with a piece of cake. They would say something in their mouth and wish their children everything is high, which is the original intention of the ancients to make cakes in September. Today, there is no fixed variety of Chongyang cake. All kinds of soft cakes eaten in Chongyang Festival are called Chongyang cakes.

3. Chrysanthemum appreciation:

Since the Double Ninth Festival, the custom of enjoying chrysanthemums has been followed up to now, so the Double Ninth Festival is also known as "chrysanthemum Festival". In the festival, chrysanthemum conference will be held, and the crowds of people will go to the festival to enjoy chrysanthemums. Since the Wei and Jin Dynasties of the Three Kingdoms, it has become a fashion for Chongyang to have party drinking and enjoy chrysanthemum poems. In the ancient customs of the Han nationality, chrysanthemum symbolizes longevity.

4. Wearing dogwood:

In ancient times, there was also the custom of wearing dogwood on the Double Ninth Festival. This dogwood is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. It can be brewed to nourish the body and eliminate diseases. It has a strong fragrance. It has the functions of dispelling insects, removing dampness and chasing wind evil. It can also eliminate accumulated food and cure cold and heat. People think that the ninth day of September is also a day of misfortune, so people like to wear dogwood to ward off evil and seek good luck on the Double Ninth Festival.