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How to make cake with electric cooker at home? Detailed steps of making cake with electric rice cook

For families with babies, mothers always change their ways to make all kinds of delicious things for their babies. If they don't like the cakes sold in the supermarket, they can make cakes at home. Do you know how to make cakes with electric rice cooker?

Main ingredient flour 15g milk 150ml egg 4 accessories sugar 8g oil 3ml salt 1g

1. Prepare materials: flour, egg, milk, salt, sugar, oil

Note: do not touch a drop of water in this process. Wipe all utensils dry before use

2. Beat the eggs according to the quantity. I used four here. Separate the egg white and mix it

3. In order to highlight the sweetness, put a little salt and a spoonful of sugar. When it's a bit thick, put another spoonful of sugar

4. After about 15 minutes, it will turn into cream shape, and the chopsticks will not fall off. This process is more critical. It's 15 minutes of continuous fighting, not for fun, very painful, but don't give up~

5. Put two spoonfuls of sugar, three spoonfuls of flour and six spoonfuls of milk in the yolk and mix.

6. Pour in half of the cream like egg white, mix well, then pour in the other half of the cream like egg white, mix up and down

7. Press the cooking key on the electric rice cooker and preheat it for 1 minute, then take it out. If the pot is a little hot, pour a little oil into it and spread it evenly in the pot to prevent sticking

8. Pour in the stirred things, then squat down for a few times and shake the bubbles out

9. Press the cook button, and it will automatically jump to the heat preservation position in about 2 minutes. Then cover the vent with a towel and keep it stuffy for 20 minutes. Then press the cook button again, and it will be OK in 20 minutes

10. open the lid.