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What are the benefits of scraping? What is the scraping

What are the advantages and disadvantages of scraping modern people pay more and more attention to health preservation. Scraping is one of the good health preservation methods. Scraping is actually a favorite physical therapy. It can promote blood circulation and eliminate toxins through external force. Let's see the benefits and effects of scraping!

The benefits of scraping

1. Scraping is to make the blood circulation of human body more smooth, increase the secretion of sweat glands, eliminate the body toxins and reduce the body burden through external force.

2. By scraping the skin of human body, it can relieve the ache caused by long-term tiredness of some parts of human body, relieve the fatigue of human body, and be beneficial to the body and mind.

3. According to traditional Chinese medicine, scraping can adjust the circulation of human meridians, smooth Qi and activate blood circulation, unblock the five internal organs and improve human immunity.

What is Sha?

"Guasha" refers to the phenomenon of red, purple, black spots or black blisters on the skin surface after Guasha, i.e., "Guasha mark". By scraping and rubbing, the capillaries under the skin are broken, and the blood stasis penetrates into the skin, causing the bruise. These skin changes last from one day to several days.