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Can pregnant women stay in the same room for 7 months? Does the same room meet abortion during pregn

sihaiwang synthesis: in fact, if the body is relatively healthy at the seventh month of pregnancy, we can continue to share rooms, but the number of times of sharing rooms should be gradually reduced, and attention should be paid to the posture of sharing rooms. Do not touch the stomach, so as not to cause contractions, which is harmful to the fetus, and it is likely to cause premature birth. Generally, we take the back posture at the seventh month of pregnancy Potential sharing, not easy to harm the fetus in the stomach.

Some people can't share a room at the end of pregnancy, so we must pay attention to abstinence, wait for her to have a baby before sharing a room, so as not to affect the health of the fetus. For example, women who have had labor or who have a history of premature birth are not suitable for sharing houses in the second and third trimester. The probability of premature birth after sharing houses is still very high, we have to pay attention to it.

If women suffer from vaginitis and cervicitis, they are not suitable for sharing the same room when they are pregnant, which is harmful to their health and even infects the fetus with the disease. If the father-in-law is suffering from STDs, it is not suitable to share the same room during pregnancy, so as to avoid the transmission of STDs to children through the vagina.

During pregnancy, for the sake of the health of the fetus, women must not rush to share the room. Proper abstinence is beneficial to the health of the body and the fetus. Occasionally, after sharing the room, they should pay attention to the cleaning of the lower body and the vulva, so as to ensure the sanitation of the vulva, so as not to cause the bad influence on the fetus after the vaginal disease.