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What food and mutton can't be eaten together in autumn and winter?

When autumn comes, everyone will be busy sticking autumn fat. The best food for sticking autumn fat is mutton. Mutton tastes sweet but not greasy. It's warm but not dry. For some people with poor physique, it's also good to eat some nourishing mutton, but there are many taboos to eat mutton. Which food can't be eaten with mutton?

What can't mutton be eaten with?

1, vinegar

Mutton can't be eaten with vinegar. A lot of people like to add vinegar to everything they eat. When they drink mutton soup, they are used to putting vinegar to think it's enough. I don't know that mutton is hot, but vinegar is best with cold food, such as hairy crab, which is not suitable with hot mutton.

2, watermelon

Eating watermelon after mutton is easy to 'damage vitality'. This is because mutton tastes sweet and hot, while watermelon is cold, which is raw and cold. After eating, it not only greatly reduces the warming effect of mutton, but also hinders the spleen and stomach.

3, red bean

Mutton and red beans are mutually exclusive. If they are eaten together, they will cause poisoning. Red bean is sweet, salty and cold in nature, which can benefit water and detumescence, urinate, detoxify heat and milk; sheep belly is warm and sweet in nature, which has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, tonifying deficiency and eliminating damage, astringent sweat and stopping urine, and promoting appetite. Both of them have bad taste and efficacy, so they should not be eaten together.

4, cheese

"Synopsis of the Golden Chamber" records: 'mutton does not share fish and cheese, which is harmful to people. 'cheese has high nutritional value and is easy to digest. Generally speaking, the main components of cheese include protein, fat, lactose, rich vitamins and a small amount of inorganic salt. Cheese is cold in nature, sweet and sour in taste, while mutton is hot in nature, which is opposite in taste; moreover, cheese contains rich enzymes, which can produce adverse reactions after encountering nutrients in mutton, which not only affects nutritional value, but also health.

5. Sashimi

There are four disadvantages for mutton and sashimi to eat together: mutton is hot, while Sashimi with ginger, garlic and vinegar is hot, which is beneficial to heat, which is not suitable; mutton contains protein, fat, multi vitamins and microelements, while sashimi has no enzyme activity, both of which are complex and prone to adverse reactions, which are not suitable; mutton is smelly and fishy, and the fishy smell is mixed, It is also not good taste, the three are not suitable; raw fish is easy to be infected with parasites, the four are not suitable.

6, pumpkin

Mutton can't be eaten with what? Mutton can't be eaten with pumpkin, which is easy to induce jaundice and beriberi. Mutton and pumpkin are both warm food in nature. If they eat together at the same time, they are easy to catch fire. In the same way, when cooking mutton, you should also put less chilli, pepper, ginger, clove, fennel and other hot and spicy condiments.

7, chestnut

Not with chestnuts. Both of them are not easy to digest, and they are not suitable for stewing and stir frying together, or even eating together may cause vomiting.

8. Buckwheat

Sun Simiao said: 'buckwheat is slightly sour and cold. It's hard to get rid of. It's dizzy to eat it for a long time. It's only eight or nine tons of hot food for noodles and pork and mutton. It's hot. It's hot, and it's also rare. Buckwheat has a sweet smell and cold nature, with the effect of reducing blood pressure and hemostasis, clearing heat and accumulating sweat; while mutton is a hot product, with the function just opposite to buckwheat, and both can cause wind. After a long time of eating together, it is easy for people to suffer from hot wind disease, even if the eyebrows fall off.

9, pomelo Mandarin

Mutton and pomelo are easy to have adverse reactions when they are eaten together. Pomelo and Mandarin belong to hot fruit, which is easy to help heat and make fire when they are eaten together with mutton.

10. Bean paste

"Compendium of Materia Medica" records: "mutton and soy sauce are chronic diseases. 'people also say:' pigs don't eat ginger, sheep don't eat sauce. 'soy sauce is fermented after the beans are cooked, and it is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin PP, amino acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. It is salty and cold in nature, and has the effect of detoxifying heat. Mutton is a hot and hot product. It has the opposite function with soy sauce. If they eat together for a long time, they will affect their health, even cause chronic diseases.

11, pear

If they are eaten at the same time, some enzymes in pears can decompose the enzymes in mutton, hinder digestion, cause indigestion, abdominal distention, abdominal pain, etc.