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How to flirt with single Wang

What's the most practical way to seduce a single Wang last year, the word "flirting" began to be popular. In modern society, some flirting skills are the most urgent needs of the majority of single Wang people. So what are the skills of flirting? Here's the ultimate strategy that Xiaobian taught you to flirt. Take it!

Tips for flirting and chatting 1: don't talk about literature, movies and music in a wide range

Everyone has his own Hamlet. If you can meet a confidant, it's the best, but the chance is not great. If you have different opinions and hobbies, this gap will become your biggest obstacle in the future communication. Of course, it's not that you can't talk about it. After you get to know this girl, you can choose the place where you have intersection to discuss. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

Flirting chat skills 2: end the conversation in time after the climax

Don't end the conversation when you don't have words. The feeling at the end of a communication accounts for 70% of the evaluation given by the other party. After the emotional peak, the period when you start to decline will leave a good impression on the girls.

Flirting and chatting skills 3: questions usually begin with "I want to know"

For example, 'what's your name, please?' would make girls think you have a sense of responsibility and independence. (but don't use it all the time, or some free women will really climax, for example, the arrogant girls in the comment area will explode around this point.)

Tips for flirting 4: don't start with me

For example, when a girl asks you if she wants to buy this dress but doesn't know if it looks good, she asks for your opinion. You don't think it looks good. Error: 'I don't think this suit suits you. 'correct:' this dress is not for you. 'the wrong way gives the impression of being unsure. (don't send a red envelope to buy what you like in the past, which will make independent women very disgusted. Don't ask me how to know )

Tips for flirting and chatting 5: give you information about other women you know from the side

Because the girl doesn't want the boy in front of her to only show her kindness, which will expose your sense of need and purpose, and will make her very uncomfortable, and some high-quality girls will even look down upon such a boy. But it can't be said directly, what should we do? Big husband! We give her this information from the side. For example, 'I heard from the girls in the accounting department yesterday that this shop is delicious. Let's try it today.' ('hey, I heard from the girls in the business English department the day before yesterday that this hotel is very good. Shall we stay today?)

The best way to ask questions is to state

If you have to know the other side's little secrets but ask her directly what to do if she may not say or lie? Then try to use the human error correction tendency to let her say it. For example: 'which department are you from?' you can change it to 'you are from the electrical department, right?' note that this method needs to make sure that the other side must not be from the electrical department to say so, take care of it yourself ~ but generally meet the opposite side's denial After that, I didn't add that she didn't put on the suit, so don't ask her questions anymore ~ ('You're a Libra, right? '' no, I'm a Virgo! '' Oh, you pay for this meal! '' ah, eh?... ok... ') (this article is compiled by, reprinted and noted the source, original link:

Flirting chat skills 7: vague invitation after praise

When you are sure that the girls are interested in you, you can start to invite. But after the formal invitation, if it is rejected by the woman, the emotional ties between you will be severely damaged. If it is serious, you can directly play well. What can you do? To blur the invitation? First praise her or give her a reasonable reason, and then assume the invitation. For example, 'you've done a great job. Please take something to eat next time. "You are so lovely! Take you out to play some other day. 'pay attention to vague invitation and don't say the specific time and environment. If the other party starts to change the topic or leave the venue, it means that the vague invitation fails, but it will not cause too much loss. If it is successful, immediately determine the time and place for dating and imagination. It is better to let her participate in the plan together. If she also takes action for the plan, the chance of being pigeoned will be greatly reduced. ('your Europa is so big, I really want to take you to the underwear store. "" wash the interior! ")

Flirting and chatting skills 8: universal praise sentence pattern

Girls need more praise than boys. A word of praise will make your next chat a lot easier. But some boys don't know how to praise the girls. The best way to praise is to say the specific content. If you can't say it, you can use multi sentence structure. After many experiments, we found that the most popular formula is: I can't imagine that you are not only beautiful, but also can fill in the words. (hurry up and praise the girls around you. You will find that your mood has become super good!)

Flirting chat skills 9: forced invitation (use with caution)

I don't recommend it. The success rate is very high, but once you fail, it is easy to greatly reduce the other party's view of you.

1. Give me choices such as' in order to thank you for helping me write a copy, shall we go to a coffee or a movie in the afternoon? '

2. First big then small 'thank you for your information. As a thank you, I'll invite you to play in the amusement park.' no, we just know each other! '' then go and have a milk tea, my treat! '' mmm. '(' shall we play dota or lol? '' sorry, I play zeratu thief)

Flirting chat skill 10: repetitive guidance

A controversial topic: what should you do when a girl confides to you? Some people think it's better to listen carefully and don't say anything. Others think it's a bit inappropriate not to say anything since the girl comes to you to solve the problem. My experience through many years of counseling is: repeat the key words she said, so that she can finish the whole thing more easily and fluently. For example: 'it's really bad recently!' 'it's bad?' 'yes, my drawing was erased by my brother. "Mapping, that's a headache. "Well, I didn't even watch the latest Japanese opera for the sake of this drawing." "there are so many Japanese dramas I've seen recently. "It's that shameful but useful escape!" this kind of use of force can usually make girls think you are mature and feel your respect for her, which is a kind of respect. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

Conclusion: the method has been taught to you, but for different types of girls, you should also remember to be flexible, OK! Finally, I wish you a happy flirting!