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Can oleander be kept indoors? Can oleander be poisoned?

Oleander is planted on both sides of the city or in the park. Oleander is one of the representative flowers in summer. Oleander gets its name because its petals look like peach flowers. Many people like oleander. It has a long flowering period and a good flower shape. It's just the beauty of summer. There are many oleander trees on the road. Can you put them in the room?

It is not recommended to keep oleander indoors.

Oleander is a sun loving plant. It is not a good idea to raise oleander indoors. Without sufficient light, oleander will soon wither and wither, and it can not be kept after picking. Moreover, oleander is poisonous. If you raise oleander indoors, it will hurt your body.

What's the harm of keeping oleander indoors

There is a substance called oleagin in oleander, which will cause a strong toxic reaction, such as vomiting, diarrhea, coma, and even shock. And scientists believe that there may be other toxic substances in oleander, which are to be found.

Where is oleander poisonous

Oleander is poisonous.

Oleanderin is contained in oleander. Even if it is dried, it is still in oleander. Burning oleander branches and leaves will produce poisoning symptoms after smelling the gas. In the news, some people used oleander branches as chopsticks to eat, and the poisoning event was sent to the hospital for treatment. Toxicity can be seen.

How to deal with oleander poisoning

Oleander poisoning should be sent to the hospital immediately. The toxicity of oleander is relatively serious. Generally, within five minutes after poisoning, the toxicity will attack, and it will start to vomit and diarrhea. It is difficult to breathe. It will cause too much contact with oleander, and the death rate will be faster.