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How to eat litchi without getting angry? What's the trick of eating lychees without catching fire

Three hundred litchi are eaten every day, and they will grow up to be Lingnan people. Litchi is the favorite delicacy of Su Dongpo, an ancient literary giant, and Yang Guifei. But if you eat too much litchi, you will easily catch fire. Do you know the tips of eating litchi without catching fire? With these tips, you can eat litchi freely!

1. Salt water immersion

Peel off the shell of litchi, but do not peel off the white layer of film. After washing, soak in 30% salt water, soak for an hour, then take it out, peel off the white film and eat it. After soaking in salt water, the fire gas of litchi will be reduced to a large extent. If you want to keep litchi for a long time, you can peel off the white film directly, and then soak the pulp in light salt water for an hour, and then take it out and put it into the fresh-keeping box, and put it into the frozen layer of the refrigerator.

2. Eat the fruit film

When we peel the litchi shell, there is a thin white film on the flesh, which is a bit astringent. Generally, we peel it off, but if we want to prevent the fire, we suggest that we eat the film together, and then eat the white pedicle of the litchi in the bottom of the pulp, which can also prevent the fire.

3. No more than 10

The average person should not eat more than 10 Litchi at a time, especially children can eat 3-4 Litchi at a time, not excessive. However, people with deficiency of Yin, dry heat and excessive damp heat are not suitable to eat lychees. People with diabetes mellitus and those who are prone to flatulence also need to be careful. People who are suffering from acne, cold, acute inflammation and other symptoms should not eat litchi, which will aggravate the disease.

4. Enjoy 'dewdrop red litchi'

Dew litchi is a kind of fresh litchi plucked from the tree before dawn, before the dew goes away. These litchi absorb the sunshine of the day, and then pass through the temperature and cool of the night, so the heat has been reduced. It will not only taste more delicious, but also won't have the problem of burning.

5. Drink some salt water

Before eating litchi, you can drink salt water or Prunella herbal tea, winter melon soup, mung bean soup and other fire-fighting food, which can effectively prevent fire. Or use 20-30g of raw ground pot lean meat or pig bone soup to drink, can effectively prevent litchi disease.

6. Refrigerated litchi

The fresh litchi picked will be carried in containers, sunk in water wells or placed in cold springs (water), and eaten overnight, but not on fire. And can change dry gas and can fill Yin. Qu Dajun, the great poet of the Qing Dynasty, said: "the cold spring in the open well is a hundred feet deep. It's collected and sunk in the sink well. It's refined from the sun into the cold moon. It's good to eat more food to make up the sun.". '