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What are the total number of ofo Tanabata cards? How many pieces of ofo Qixi card can be collected i

As the most romantic festival in China, Chinese Valentine's Day is not easy to give up the opportunity to share bicycles. How many pieces of ofo Chinese Valentine's Day cards do you have?

In order to welcome the Chinese traditional Valentine's Day 'Qixi', the creator and leader of bike sharing ofo small yellow car announced the opening of the "one piece ride out of love" Qixi card collection activity. From 0:00 on August 27 to 23:59 on September 6, ofo small yellow car collection of "cowherd", "Weaver Girl", "28 cars", "Princess car" and "magpie bridge" five kinds of "Qixi cards" will win the cash prize of 77.77 yuan.

During the 11 day "qixika" activity of riding ofo collection, users can get one "qixika" at random for each order with a journey of more than 200 meters. Each user can only get one "qixika" for the first five rides per day. In addition to riding xiaohuangche collection cards, users can also get different 'Qixi cards' through social sharing and exchange with friends.

It should be noted that the same user of ofo has only one chance to collect 5 kinds of Tanabata cards to exchange 77.77 yuan during the whole activity period. The exchanged Tanabata cards can no longer be used for friend exchange. After users have collected 5 kinds of Tanabata cards and redeemed them, they can view the 77.77 yuan cash red packet obtained in the 'red packet income' of ofo official app 'my wallet'.