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How does the baby wean not eat the milk bottle to do? Why don't babies like to eat milk bottles?

I believe that many mothers have experienced the stage from "eating well" to "not loving eating bottles". What should I do if my baby doesn't have a bottle when weaning? This makes many parents very worried, so I'll give you some tips!

What to do if the baby doesn't eat the bottle

Your baby suddenly doesn't like to eat milk bottles. She turns her head, kicks, straightens and cries. How to deal with this? I believe many mothers have been troubled by this. Today, specially shares some tips to help mothers relieve their worries.

1. When feeding the baby, don't put the bottle mouth directly into the baby's mouth, but in a different way, play games with the baby, let the baby find the bottle mouth by himself, and actively include it.

2. Try to change the feeding posture to increase the freshness of the baby's milk. It is recommended that the mother hold the baby and let the baby drink milk with its back to the mother, because in this way, the baby does not need to drink milk under the supervision of the mother. There is no resistance and it is not easy to refuse the bottle.

3. Try to feed the baby while singing the nursery rhyme to the baby to distract the baby's attention and let the baby accept the bottle when the baby is in a happy mood.

4. Try some nipples of different shapes, sizes and materials for the baby, and adjust the size of the mouth of the nipple.

5. When the baby is sitting or lying down, put the pacifier into the baby's mouth, and let the baby form the habit of sucking the pacifier, so that the baby is not easy to resist the bottle.

Why babies don't like to eat bottles

There are several reasons why babies don't like to eat milk bottles:

I don't like hard nipples

It is mainly divided into two aspects: the material of nipple and the size of nipple hole. If the baby's touch is sensitive, and the plastic pacifier is too hard, unlike the mother's nipple, which has the temperature and mother's taste familiar to the baby. When the baby is in close contact with his mother, he may feel 'little upset', which leads to resistance, which is a normal phenomenon. Too large or too small nipple hole will affect the baby's' milk experience '. If it is because of the nipple hole, you can choose a nipple with automatic flow locking technology on the market.

Second, do not like the taste of milk powder

If breast milk is put into a bottle for the baby to eat, he accepts it; but if milk powder is put into a bottle, he refuses it. Well, it's very likely that he doesn't like the taste of milk powder. You can try a brand that is close to the taste of breast milk.

Third, the baby has reached the stage of anorexia

If the baby is in the period of anorexia, he doesn't like to drink milk. Naturally, he won't like the bottle. Meet this kind of time, mother don't worry too much, every baby will be anorexic milk period, after the anorexic milk period will be much better.

Fourth, the baby began to be charming

Some mothers say that sometimes babies drink milk bottles, sometimes they refuse to drink them. After several attempts, they have summed up a truth: babies start to have their own 'small world' and 'small ideas', and they will have a little temper and let you coax them. Don't get used to it!