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How old does the child begin to brush tooth better? Why do children brush their teeth?

Brushing is an important step to protect children's teeth. Many children don't pay attention to dental hygiene, so they are all insect teeth at a young age. How old can children brush their teeth? Why should children brush their teeth?

Brushing teeth can not only clean teeth and remove plaque, but also massage gums, promote blood circulation of gums, improve local nutrition and oxygen supply, facilitate tissue metabolism, and improve the disease resistance of gums. Therefore, brushing is an effective way to maintain oral cleaning and prevent caries and periodontal disease.

How old should a baby brush his teeth?

In principle, when your baby has teeth, start brushing At first, because there were only a few teeth in front, they did not erupt completely. It's not convenient to use toothbrush. It's better to dip gauze in salt water and scrub along the tooth surface.

When the baby has 16-20 teeth, about 2 and a half years old, this time can gradually train with toothbrush. You don't need toothpaste. When the baby adapts to the habit of brushing, first use the swallowable toothpaste, and train the baby to spit out the toothpaste. When the baby can basically spit out most of the toothpaste, the caries prevention toothpaste can be replaced to better prevent the occurrence of caries.

Usually we can brush teeth in three stages.

The first stage: when the baby begins to grow the first tooth, that is, it is about 6 months from the beginning to 'brush' the baby's teeth. Of course, the toothbrush here is not used. Instead, parents use clean gauze to wrap their index finger with clean water to clean their baby's mouth and remove the attachment on teeth and gums. This oral care method generally lasts until the child is two and a half years old, when all the baby teeth in the mouth erupt.

The second stage: from the age of two and a half, parents should choose the toothbrush for children of this age, stand behind children twice a day, and teach children to master the correct brushing method (brushing method). Because the children in this period have a certain understanding and expression ability, as long as the parents follow the guidance and guide patiently from the simple to the deep, it is not difficult to believe that the children master the correct brushing methods.

The third stage: from the age of 3, the children have already completed the transitional training for half a year, and should be able to complete the brushing action independently. But at this time, children are still very naughty, lack of initiative and consciousness. Parents usually have to play a role of supervision and guidance, so that children can develop good oral hygiene habits, so that children can have a healthy and beautiful teeth.