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How much is a trip to Thailand? A detailed introduction to Thailand's travel expenses

In the past two years, Thailand has become a must visit country for many Chinese tourists. Thailand is a country of thousands of Buddhas, with islands, delicious food and unique culture. It is a natural tourist country. There are more than 500 scenic spots with rich tourism resources. Generally, the travel to Thailand is about 7-15 days, mainly including air tickets, accommodation, catering and shopping. How much does a trip to Thailand cost?

Plane ticket

The price of air tickets varies according to the light and peak seasons. Generally speaking, in addition to continuous holidays, the peak seasons in China are winter vacation, summer vacation and Spring Festival. Usually, the price of group air tickets in the peak season is more than 3K in Bangkok, Beijing, for example; the price in the off-season is only more than 1K; in addition, there will be some differences in the price due to different flight times. In terms of Thailand's destinations, generally speaking, the price of night flight will be cheaper, while the price of early flight will be higher; as for the price of non group ticket, due to the higher time flexibility, the price will also be higher.

Get accommodation

In general, for five-star hotels, the average room price for each double room is at least 1200 yuan (at least 600 yuan per person per night). Sometimes one room is hard to find in peak season, and the price will be calculated by multiple. For four-star hotels, the double room price is mostly distributed between 600-1000 yuan, and the average person's room price is 400-600 yuan per night. For three-star and two-star hotels, the price per night is 10 yuan 0-300 yuan.


In Thailand, roadside stall is the cheapest place to eat. A bowl of covered rice is about 30-50 baht, and a bunch of barbecue is about 10 baht. At roadside stall, you can also eat Bangkok's household dishes. Basically, a dish is about 70-80 baht, and the dishes of big fish and big meat may be hundreds of times. It's a small restaurant with a little high-grade. It's about 500 baht for one person, two dishes and one soup. Of course, there are also some hotels and guesthouses, which are very high-grade and expensive. In addition to paying bills, they usually need to pay another 10% tip.


According to the latest assessment of the world's top ten shopping paradises by a travel website in the United States, Bangkok, Thailand, ranks first, surpassing Hong Kong. The main reason for this ranking is that Bangkok's basic prices are cheaper. It's not too much to say that Bangkok is the cheapest shopping paradise in Asia.

What can Thailand buy? Bird's nest, rheumatism cream, snake oil cream, crocodile bag, pearl fish bag, Southeast Asian style clothes, stamp coins like to collect. In addition, almost all cities in Thailand have their own shopping advantages. Chiang Mai is the center of handicrafts in the country; Bangkok is full of thousands of merchants, cheap and beautiful; Pattaya is "better than blue" and many goods are much cheaper than Bangkok. The price of textiles is only half of that of the same kind of products in Europe and America.

PS: in Bangkok, many shopping malls can apply for a special discount card for tourists with their passports, so even if they feel embarrassed, they are used to asking "any discount?" when they enter the shop door. In Siam center and Siam discovery of Siam Square, they can get 95% off after applying for the card, while the most famous boots have 10% off.

Tax refund: don't worry about it. Make sure to refund it. 2000 baht is consumed in the same store on the same day. Fill in the tax refund application form in the shop with your passport. The minimum tax refund stipulated by BKK airport is 5000 baht. Fill in the form with the seal of the customs first, and take the money after entering the customs. Customs inspection should pay attention to: they do not seal, you can not refund.

Swiping UnionPay credit card: Thailand can swipe UnionPay credit card, less than visa fee. Remember to pay attention to point out, take UnionPay network, come back with RMB repayment.

Cash withdrawal: if you withdraw money, the ATM exchange rate of purple Bangkok Bank is more cost-effective; and the local Huaxia bank takes the first money for free, so you can consider to apply for a Huaxia bank card before going abroad.

Other expenses

Scenic spot tickets and transportation are essential. The ticket cost mainly depends on your itinerary planning. Each city has enough scenic spots for you to play for two days (some of them are free of charge); the transportation fee is not a small expense. If you want to go north and south, the transportation fee is about 800-1000 yuan. If you want to charter a car, you can consider carpooling. In Thailand, there are still many Chinese tourists, and it's good to help each other.

In total, 5-7 days of travel to Thailand, 5000 yuan of off-season travel is enough; 7-15 days, about 7000-10000 yuan. But when it comes to golden week, air tickets are relatively expensive. From November to February of the next year is the peak tourist season in Thailand. At this time, Bangkok, the Buddhist capital with ancient temples, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and other tourist attractions are all beautiful. Before traveling, you must book a hotel.