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How does the skin lack of water in autumn and winter do? How to maintain dry skin?

The weather is very dry in autumn and winter. Many girls have the symptoms of peeling and itching on their faces. How to maintain the dry skin in autumn? What is the reason for the lack of water in autumn and winter?

First of all, let's understand why the skin is dry and short of water?

Reason 1. Age

Aging is one of the causes of dry skin. With the decrease of estrogen level and sebum secretion in the body, the ability of skin to retain water will decrease, so that the skin will become more and more dry. This is also a big reason why mature women have dry, rough skin and lack of water from autumn to winter.

Reason 2: excessive exfoliation

The cuticle on the skin surface contains a kind of 'natural moisturizing factor'. Its number determines the water content of the skin. In modern women, excessive use of exfoliating products is common, which will reduce the ability of skin to secrete oil and lead to dryness and water shortage.

Cause 3: climate change

Climate change. The change of external climate will lead to the abnormal secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands. The surface of the skin will become rougher and the resistance will be weakened. For a long time, you may get used to drying.

4. Bad living habits

Lack of sleep, fatigue, excessive weight loss and partial diet. Lack of sleep, fatigue, excessive weight loss and partial diet will cause considerable damage to the body and poor blood circulation. When the health loses balance, the skin will have no vitality, easy to produce dry and rough phenomenon.

In addition, take a bath with overheated water, use irritant soap or detergent. Bathing in hot water, using irritant soap or detergent, or changes in women's endocrine system (such as decreased estrogen secretion in postmenopausal women), can also lead to dry skin. But these are all short-term phenomena that can be improved immediately.

How does skin dry rise skin to do?

1. Diet

In the daily diet, you can eat more basic food, such as vegetables, fruits, beans, pears, apples, tomatoes, strawberries, milk, etc., which can make the skin delicate and glossy. Eat less acidic food, such as meat, fish, chocolate, onion and garlic.

2. replenishment

The purpose is to quickly replenish water, deep cleanse, re create a healthy and harmonious conditioning for the skin, and assist the subsequent eye cream, essence, emulsion, and cream to absorb nutrients more efficiently.

3. Choose cream type Haofu product without alkaline substance

For dry skin, the oil secretion is less, and the skin is easier to dry in autumn. Therefore, the cleanser with strong cleaning power must not be selected. The cleanser with mild nature must be used. The cream type cleanser without alkaline substance is the best choice, such as the cleanser with glycerin, which has little skin irritation. Don't wash your face with coarse soap. Sometimes you can wash your face with water instead of facial cleanser. No more than twice a day. When the skin is dry and lack of water is very serious, it should be avoided to use dry towel to wipe, just use face paper to gently dry the water.

4. steamed face

Steaming the face can speed up the blood circulation of the face. First, apply some nutrition cream to the face, then put hot water in the electric hot cup or basin, add some glycerin and other skin care products, when the steam rises, fumigate the face on the steam, until the face is flushed, use once or twice a week.

5. Moisturizing

In autumn, the skin is easy to dry, because the indoor humidity is not enough, so we need to keep the indoor humidity, if necessary, we can use humidifier. In particular, we should avoid sudden exposure to dry and cold air in a room with high humidity. Before going out, we should smear some oily skin cream or foundation cream to build a protective film for the skin.