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What to do if wechat transfers the wrong money? How can wechat transfer the wrong money to get back

What to do if wechat transfers the wrong money? How can wechat transfer the wrong money to get back mobile payment is becoming more and more developed. We are more and more used to using wechat to transfer money. Many people carelessly transfer the money to the wrong place. If you transfer it to an acquaintance, you can return it. If you transfer it to a stranger's account, you will be in trouble. So what should we do when we encounter this kind of money transfer? Can we recover the money transfer? How to recover the wrong money? Let's have a look!

How can I get the money back?

1. Communicate with each other

If you use Alipay or WeChat to change the wrong account, you can get in touch with the other party (telephone or App chat function). The acquaintance will naturally return to you. If you are a stranger, please communicate with them first, then ask the other party to return the money back to you.

2. Let customer service communicate with each other

If you meet someone who is determined not to return money, don't just fight with each other. Call customer service and ask for help.

3. Judicial approach

For the payee, this "windfall" belongs to unjust enrichment. According to Article 92 of the general principles of the civil law, if anyone obtains improper interests without legal basis and causes losses to others, he shall return the obtained improper interests to the person who suffers losses If the wechat transfer is found to be wrong, the party concerned shall contact the other party in time to explain the situation and ask the other party to return it, and the other party shall have the obligation to return it.

It should be reminded that according to relevant laws and regulations, the jurisdiction court of unjust enrichment dispute is the defendant's domicile, and the court of the place where the principal is located has no jurisdiction, so it is necessary to sue in the court of the defendant's domicile or habitual residence. In addition, we must keep wechat transfer records and bank card details, which can be submitted as evidence. As long as the facts are clear and the evidence is complete, the victim can easily win the lawsuit and recover his loss.