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How to have a baby in autumn? What should be paid attention to in autumn?

For the new mothers who have just experienced childbirth, there is no anxiety in the summer, but they can't take it lightly. What are the precautions in the autumn? How do the mothers do well in the autumn?

The temperature drops gradually. Autumn is coming, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is big. It is easy for ordinary people to catch cold and get sick, and it is a challenge for the mother who is sitting in the moon. There is a big temperature difference between day and night, and it is easy to cause some symptoms of diseases if you don't pay attention to it. Therefore, new mothers should not go out during the period of confinement, but also pay attention to some matters of confinement.

1. Prevent from being blown by the wind

There is a lot of wind in autumn, and the temperature is very low in the morning and evening, so usually, pay attention to the ventilation and close the windows in time. If you want to ventilate, it's better to have a sunny day, when it's not too cold. For the puerpera who just gave birth to her, sitting on the moon for a period of time can restore her vitality, and also change her bad constitution. New mothers live in places where they open windows to breathe every day to prevent the growth of germs. They can take their babies to bask in the sun, but they can't stay outside for too long.

2. Pay attention to indoor temperature during puerperium

In the concept of the older generation, it's very important to sit in the moon. You must stay in bed and not walk around. However, if you don't pay attention to health, it's easy to breed all kinds of bacteria. Therefore, you must pay attention to the indoor temperature and humidity, pay attention to ventilation and prevent long-term blowing. It's better to wear a hat when you go out.

3. Keep warm in autumn

It's windy and hot in autumn. In order to avoid getting cold, some mothers usually close their doors and windows. The air in the house is turbid, and they always feel a little sweaty and wet. In such an environment, it's easy to catch cold. Puerperal period is easy to perspire, so don't add clothes specially, which will cause a lot of perspiration and finally a cold. In the evening, when you get up to nurse your baby, don't add clothes for convenience. The temperature is low at night and it is easy to catch cold.

4. Pay attention to personal hygiene and abandon some traditional concepts

In the eyes of the older generation, sitting on the moon is a big thing. Almost nothing can be touched. You can only lie in bed, wash your hair, brush your teeth. It will take a month to get down, and your body will not stink. Now any new mother can bear this. You can wash your hair and take a bath. Just be careful not to cause wound infection. Understand some correct methods and precautions of sitting on the moon, supplement nutrition properly, and believe that mothers can easily recover their health and have healthy babies.