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Can you drink milk after eating crabs? Crabs can't eat with anything

Can you drink milk after eating crabs? Crabs can't eat with anything autumn is the best season for eating crabs. The crabs in this season are the most fat. However, there are many taboos when eating crabs. Many people say that eating crabs can't be combined with milk. Otherwise, eating crabs together will easily cause adverse reactions. Can you drink milk after eating crabs? What can't crabs eat with?

Can crabs and milk be eaten together

may not.

Hairy crabs and milk are rich in animal protein. Eating together will affect their absorption. Originally, the two kinds of protein are relatively nutritious. It is a pity that they offset each other.

However, food poisoning is not enough. If you eat too much, you may have a bad stomach. Eat other food should also pay attention to balance, a type of the best not to eat too much, in order to enrich the variety. So it's better to eat later. Drink some water.

Crabs can't be eaten with anything

1. Persimmon: crab and persimmon are two kinds of things that can be eaten in autumn, but they can't be eaten together. The reason is: crab meat is rich in protein, while persimmon contains a lot of tannic acid. The two substances will react with each other, forming protein to coagulate into a block, which is difficult for our stomach to digest. So some people eat crab and persimmon, can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other discomfort.

2. Strong tea: Chinese like to drink tea, but when eating crabs, the best drink is warm yellow rice wine. It's better not to drink tea before and after eating crabs. There are two reasons:

(1) There are some bacteria in the crab feet and gills. Drinking vinegar can kill them. Our gastric juice also has a certain bactericidal ability. But after drinking tea, it will dilute the gastric juice, and the bactericidal effect will be greatly reduced;

(2) Tea, like persimmon, also contains tannin, which can cause gastrointestinal discomfort;

3. Pear: pear is a cool food. It can damage the spleen and stomach and cause indigestion if eaten together with cold crabs. Spleen and stomach deficiency should be paid special attention to;

4. Ice water and ice cream: similarly, crabs are already cold. Eating cold food will lead to diarrhea and gastrointestinal disorders;

5. Mutton: mutton is sweet and hot, while crab is cold. When they are eaten together, they not only greatly reduce the warming and tonifying effect of mutton, but also hinder the spleen and stomach. For patients with Yang deficiency or spleen deficiency, it is easy to cause spleen and stomach dysfunction, and then affect the vitality of human body;

6. Dog meat, loach: and above said is a truth;